Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving and...

I hope each and every one of you enjoy a day with family & friends, acknowledging all of your blessings. You are among mine!

And in honor of the shopping blow out tomorrow and Oprah's Favorite Things show (wasn't that amazing?) I had the design team make lists of their favorite things for you to gander...may you find what you're looking for!

Anilu's Favorite Things

1. Philosophy Pomegranate shower gel. The smell is heavenly!
2. Bare Minerals make up. Hands down the best thing ever. Try it.
3. Martha Stewart Crafts glitter in any color. Gorgeous colors and coverage.
4. Martha Stewart Home garlic peeler. It's a must have gadget for the cook.
5. Martha Stewart Home stainless steel soap. Gets rid of those nasty onion and garlic smells completely. Love this little thing!
6. A new Mac Book. A girl can dream...
7. This Pencil Urchin from Etsy. So original. I would soooo get this if I could.
8. Braxton Trestle Desk from Target. I really want this one for my scrap space.
9. I dream of this Nikon D-80 every day....
10. I'm dying to try this Glitter Mist form tattered Angels. Looks yummy!

Molly's Favorite Things

1.DVD player in the car. Yes, even in Hawaii, this is a must. We have terrible traffic out here, with us sometimes waiting as long as 2-3 hours in bumper to bumper traffic, and if I didn't have that DVD player, well, let's just say, I wouldn't have any hair left.
2.My photo printer. Right now that is a Canon, as I just picked up one right away so I could start printing out photos again, as I took them. But I am in love with my HP photosmart. So in love.
3.Adobe Photoshop. Seriously. I use this everyday, and would be lost without it. It helps brings my photos to life.
4.Roomba. And man, do I miss it! When I was sick last year, while pregnant with Caitlynn, this was our lifesaver in our marriage. I couldn't use the vacuum any longer, and the Roomba saved me, and my marriage ;).

5.Mr Clean Magic Erasers. 2 boys + 1 baby= enough said. These should be a must for everyone's shopping list.
6.Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D. Even though I will be upgrading soon, this digi slr has taught me so much about my photography. Well, helped me, anyway. I have caught some of the most amazing photos of my children and husband with this camera.
7.DVR box. I think that that is another one that speaks for itself. How did I ever live without this??? I have had one since Time Warner first came out with it back in 2002. For the past 5 years, it is a constant companion, allowing me to fast forward, pause...just love my TV again. :-) Plus, it allows me to watch Grey's just about anytime I want to! :-)
8.IPOD. Video IPOD to be exact. My oh my. I tried to not get one, saying CD's are just fine. Oh, how I was wrong. Now I can pick and choose what music I want. It is the best thing ever. And the video part, it has saved many excursions to restaurants. You have to love that, when the kids are occupied, it's almost like you are having a date with your husband...almost. ;)
9.Making Memories Precision trimmer. Everything they have said about this trimmer is true. I love love love it.

Nicole's Favorite Things:
1. Origins Smoothing Body Souffle - this stuff is delicious! Yummy body butter with a minty scent...mmmm!!! This had better be under my tree...ha,ha!
2. Slipper socks from Bath & Body Works - I am truly convinced that a girl cannot ever have enough of these...wonder what color I'll get this year? :)
3. Moose Munch from Harry & David - We always love to give "treats" in our stockings and this chocolate covered popcorn is my indulgence!!! (it ialso comes in dark chocolate..the best!)
4. Disney movies we LOVE this year - "Ratatouille" and "Meet the Robinsons" - these are a must have in my book!
5. Ornaments - every year the kiddos buy me new ornaments for our "candy-themed"'s always fun to see what they find! If you decorate a tree, ornaments are a must-have! Especially hand-made ones!

Ivette's Favorite Things:
1. My digital 10.1 megaix Canon SD900 Elph camera! I do photography as a side busniess and I hate to lug around my big bulky camera. So I bought this one for eveyday shots. It fits in my purse and takes amazing high quality photos. I love it!

2. Handbags! Handbags! I'm such a girly girl and I love any of Coach's signature handbags did I say ANY of them? (maybe I should copy my husband on this

3. Books! (Like I have time to read) No really, I love any good chick book my fav at the moment is Emily Griffin's Something Borrowed, she also has Something Blue, and the new one is Baby Proof they are all super funny quick reads for those times when you feel like chillaxing!

4. Ok, so I'm going to sound like an infomercial but I love the Magic Bullet my BF Jen gave it to me last year (thanks Jen) and can I say smoothies! I'm not much of a cook but this has really helped me out the in kitchen department. My DS and my DH Love all the cool things it does. Plus it's small and fits almost anywhere.

5. Pottery Barn picture frames - my home is full of them! I Iove that clean look with the black frame and the large white mat. They come in all sizes and are super sturdy you can hang them or lean them up on a shlef for a beautiful simple look.

Trish's Favorite Things

  1. My Artisan Kitchenaid Mixer. I’m a serious baker, and sometimes quadruple the batch, so this one is a biggie. (And I’ve had both, but you really want the Artisan because the neck tilts up, thus eliminating the need for you to remove the attachment when you’re finished with your batter, KWIM?)
  2. Blokus. Totally awesome board game recommended by my dear friend Val who knows fun family games inside and out. It can be played by children, young and old, even for the little ones who aren’t able to read yet.
  3. Apples to Apples. Another fun family board game for all aged kids. (Thanks again, Val!)
  4. Nintendo Wii. Okay, my family is completely obsessed. (Thanks Bueck Family!) If you can find one, grab it. You won’t be sorry. Warning—the thing is totally addictive…
  5. Anilu’s Jewelry. My child, my MIL and a friend of mine are totally going to love what she’s created for them. Amazing, unique and affordable!
  6. Le Creuset. Specifically, this one.
  7. Carrie Underwood’s new CD. Really love it.


Molly said...

Oh how I loved reading everyone's lists! :) And, I can't believe I forgot about Bare Minerals! That's my #10! LOL!

AnilĂș Magloire said...

This was a great idea, Trish!

Anonymous said...

These lists are great! I love checking out all these different sites!

Rita said...

Okay, I find it hard to believe that Godiva chocolates didn't make anyone's list???

Nicole Eshelman said...

Fun stuff everyone!!!

Gina said...

What a great read! So much fun reading about you gals and your favorite things. Divas the lot of you!!! Just kidding :):)

You're all enablers though! Thank goodness DH is away - I have a few days to figure out how to explain the damage to the credit card! :)