Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting Broo-ed!

My friend Amy is a genius. And she's funny as all get out. I just love her.

She'd heard about a friend who had been "broo-ed" in the neighborhood, and it prompted her to write this amazing poem. I had to share.

Many a neighborhood this time of year goes through a "Boo-ing" where you leave a mysterious package at someone's doorstep (usually candy and goodies), ring the bell and run. But this one is for adults only. It's meant to be left with a 6-pack of beer for a friend. Cute idea!

You’ve Been Br-oo-ed!
A poem for adults

Soon it will be time to trick or treat,
With excited children under your feet.
For the costumes and candy we make a big fuss,
But outside of walking, what’s in it for us?

Lucky for you, a drunk ghost came to call
To ensure that you also have a festive, fun fall.
This beer might be the best you ever have tasted
But as you walk ‘round the neighborhood, try not to get wasted.

Pass this on or not, the drunk ghosts don’t care.
But if you do, heed this warning and just be aware
To only “B(r)-oo” adults who might like to drink
Or you might spend a spooky, dark night in the clink.

Making Halloween fun for adults is our mission
By starting a grand new drinking tradition.
So just pop a cold one on Halloween night,
And while you might stumble, your mood will be bright!
Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Me, Zombified

Do you know about Picnik? If you don't, head on over there before Halloween and zombify--or vampirize--yourself. Picnik is a fun, free online photo-editing site that has some really cool effects, and for Halloween, they've added some special effects. Here's me as a vampire:

And here I am zombified:


Here are some examples of the same photo altered using some of Picnik's more "normal" photo effects:

Okay, so those two weren't so normal, but they are cool, right? And the Duo-Tone one lets you choose the two colors you want to use.

And my favorite:

I used this a while back for the photographs on this layout:

There are tons more photo effects and frames you can add, in addition to the regular photo-editing features, like cropping, resizing, brightening, fixing red-eye, and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Go zombify yourself!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Halloween is only days away. My little ones are over the top excited. We have several parades and parties over the next few days to celebrate this fun costume day.

I really got into decorating our house for Halloween this year with the kids. I whipped up this "Monster Tree" in one evening to surprise the boys. They were thrilled when they woke up to find the Monsters waiting for them. The boys live by the rule that everything is better if it has Googly Eyes on it.

All of the Monster ornaments were created with the new Monster Stew Papers and Journaling Sprouts. The vintage tinsel is Pink Paislee and I purchased the Spooky Tree from Joanns.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


What is it about Fall that makes me crave caramel? Especially warm and gooey caramel...

Like inside these cookies...

Caramel Popcorn--homemade--the only way to go.

This inside-out caramel apple looks easy enough to do...and sooooo delish, too...
Think I'll try my hand at some baking today...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Musings...

Fabulous weekend. Hope yours was, too. The weather and colors here in Ohio are truly unbelievable! My favorite season, for sure...

Spent the major portion of my weekend doing photo shoots. Eleven, to be exact. I'm not the only one who loves this season! Thanks to all the families who came out and did sessions. I truly enjoyed myself, and hope you did, too!

Very busy tying things up for the Bertram weekend here. House full of boxes. For those of you attending--I'm bringing along two extra classes!! That is a total of TEN! Expect an email on the Bertram Inn weekend today, if you're attending!! T-minus 11 and counting!!

I had a request on the cover of the December Daily, so here ya go...

Enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gratitude Journal

Wanted to give an overview of my Gratitude journal. As you can see, it is a work in progress. I have most of my photos in place, but I'm still working on the journaling...
My version is somewhat similar to the one provided in the Project kit. But I used almost all the paper--I wanted my book to be more involved.
I enjoy creating albums with different sized pages. I tied it all together with using mostly black and white photos mostly...

If you purchased a Project Kit, I will send you an email with better close-ups. If you would like to purchase a Project kit, I did do a reorder and I have a couple left! If you would like one, please email me at

The cost of the kit is $25 plus shipping.
Looking forward to a jam-packed day with a bunch of photo sessions! Hope you're enjoying your weekend, too...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

White Space

I was recently asked to describe my scrapping style and that got me thinking (and looking through my layouts). The one thing that jumped out at me is that I tend to use the entire page. Apparently, I do not feel that white space is my friend. Ha! I like to fill up all of my white space with text, patterned paper and embellishments. This layout is no exception.

I placed large alphabet stickers right in the white space of my photo. I think this added movement and a bold splash of color to the title. There was an empty spot to the left of the photo in the center, so I filled it with dots of chipboard stickers. It's random, but it works in filling the space and adds color.

The next time you are in a creative rut, trying filling up the white space. It's a great thing!

Friday, October 22, 2010

December Daily 2010

As promised, here are a few sneaks of the WIP December Daily 2010 Kit...

I have a very long wait list for this, and they'll be available for sale on November 8 to the public (after the Bertram weekend.) Please email me at if you'd like to add your name to the list! Cost of the kit is $35.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cruising Latitude

Hello everyone, (sip sip Margarita) it's Jing-Jing here! How you doin'? (apply apply sunscreen) Me... (chomp chomp seafood), peachy... currently looking for my sunglasses and getting ready to eat my fourth buffet of the day, (is it noon yet?)  Whoa, is my nose sunburned
Don't cry for me, scrapbook divas!  The truth is I never left you.  All through the cyberspace, my fabby cruising, I am here blogging, don't stop your reading!
While I am here on the ship having the best time of 2010, how about if I share my favorite layout of 2010 and a little how-to? 
Coming up with this little idea is one of the reasons that I am in love with this layout. So here are three simple steps to get this photo negative look. 
Fabulous, isn't it?  I know, I thought of this one all on my own! I wanted that photo negative look and wondered if I had something in my punch stash that could do the trick. LO and BEHOLD, thank you EK Success!  I was so pleased with myself that I decided that it was time to take a vacation!  LOL.  So yes, I have reached my cruising latitude, but I will be back soon enough for real and it'll be as if I never left you guys...  don't cry for me...  okay, better not sing again :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Wedding

This weekend, a friend's daughter got married in a beautiful ceremony on a perfect fall day. I have to share some of the amazing details...
(Chelsea & her sister Krisin--photo courtesy Jen Bueck). Love the flowers!
Oh, cupcakes. And her sister, the cake balls. Jen also took this picture (which I think looks like it could be on the cover of a magazine.)

The reception was the perfect setting--a lodge looking hall--and it worked perfectly for the season. Love how they carved a pumpkin using the couple's surname! And the pen with a decorative leaf sprig--and the photo book that was used as a guest book...And...

The details and paper used to tie it all together. Love how my friend Shari layered the leaves and cut someof them out for dimension! She repeated the pattern on the table markers, too...

This was my favorite. The bride and groom were blending their families, and as a wedding gift, the bride's mom (my friend Shari) painted canvases for their new home--showcasing each of their three children. It was so beautiful, I thought it was a printed canvas!! What a unique, meaningful gift! Makes me want to grab a paintbrush...

Like I needed another reason to love this season...
Two words: Candy Bar.
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful day with us, Shari and Chelsea!! Best wishes to Chelsea and Shawn as they start their new life together!