Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've been feeling awfully sentimental around here lately. The Olympics have ruled our TV set for the past two weeks now, and I hate to see them end. Seeing all the beautiful sights of Vancouver has made me and my husband relive one of our big trips before children that we took to the Pacific Northwest/Vancouver/Whistler/Victoria BC back in 1998. It was wonderful.

So wonderful that I came home and created my first ever scrapbook. Yep. That's where it started for me.

Now, as many of you will recall, there wasn't much in the way of material back then, outside of your home based parties and all. This scrapbook stood out like a sore thumb, and I knew the size would accompany all my photos. It is a huge 15 x 15 album that is spiral bound. I know--you're jealous.
Be not afraid. Go, show the people your hideous first pages. Deep breath. They will be kind to you. We all had to start somewhere, right? We all had the sticker sneezes and threw it all together on the page.
Wait a minute. Is that an elk die cut?

Oh, and these. You know you want to scraplift this one, design team. Do you know how long I spent on this page? Finding the perfect pictures with no editing programs?? Hand cut, thank you very much. I know you're green with envy. Don't hate.

Know what it is missing? My favorite thing. I have a few sentences in the book. Not much journaling at all. Makes me sad.
While showing our three children the album and reliving the amazing vacation, I ask the hubs, "Honey, what was your favorite part of that vacation? Was it the trip to Victoria? The Capilano Suspension Bridge (where I had my first ever full-blown panic attack--a complete and utter nightmare where I clung to a rope for dear life for what seemed like an eternity--my hand to God, the truth), Gastown, Stanley Park? What is your fondest memory?
He stopped me in my tracks with his response. "I remember being at a Wendy's near Mt. Rainier when you were inconsolable because you thought you were pregnant and found out we weren't."
I had completely forgotten about that. I mean--completely. It wasn't until he reminded me of that memory that I recalled that happening. Little did we know that I would end up pregnant about 6 months later with our first child. We had been trying to start a family for a while and at the time, it seemed like an eternity. How could I have forgotten such a painful incident? And that was the first thing that came to his memory.
I'm so not into getting "caught up" with my scrapping, and I scoff at the idea of ever going back and re-doing any of my pages or albums. I couldn't even imagine--it just isn't me. But I have to say, I'm going to do a layout on our memories of Vancouver and that vacation, and what that time as a couple meant to us.
So tonight as we watch the closing ceremonies together as a family, I'll be reflecting on all this. That sweet man will inevitably drive me insane changing channels during the commercials. Our three kids will ignore our verbal requests to get ready for bed and perform their nightly routines. That "one moment in time" stuff really only applies to the Olympics, after all.
Or does it?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun Photo Collages

Check this out. I uploaded 154 photos from the past year at WIP(it went quickly) to this website, and selected a heart shape for my format. (Click on the image below to see more details.) Here is what it looked like:

Notice the photos of any familiar layouts or projects? A little bit from everyone scattered about...

I uploaded the finished project to Costco and had it printed out in an 8x8 size. I carefully trimmed the background off and created this using the March WIP Kit...

Journaling reads: I {heart} my job. Three years later, I still {heart} it. Work in Progress has been such an INCREDIBLE BLESSING to our family. My heart is full. Here's to many, many more...

Think of the fun possibilities with these collages!! And even better? WORDS! Check out more gallery images of these collages here.

And the best part? is free!! I love free.

Enjoy your weekend. Go play...

Friday, February 26, 2010

The best...

I'm sure you've noticed all of us Design Team girls lifting Trish this month. And I'm sure you've also noticed how we all ooh and awe over Trish. And I have to say...this is no show. She really and truly is the one of the sweetest, kindest, most considerate and understanding people I have had the pleasure to work with in this industry. And...she's incredibly talented on top of all that!! Happy 3 years WIP, and thank you Trish for all you do. :)

Here is Trish's original layout using the August kit.

And here is my lift, which...well, I'm terrible at scraplifting. So it doesn't look much at all like the awesome original. But hopefully you can see where I drew my inspiration!! ;) This uses the March project kit which is AMAZING! (Ooops...I now realize that I forgot to put a date on there. Will do...)

Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey there!

Hello!  Happy Thursday! I have been working hard with the March kit and you will not be disappointed!  I have a sneak and a couple links for you today!

Just wait until you see what all is in this kit!!

And of course until then - here is a couple links that a friend let me know about and I just have to share.

(Link) - Cute book Labels

(Link) - Love the food labels!

(Link) And these doilies - SOOOOOO adorable - these would be perfect on a card or page!

And of course they are all courtesy of Martha:)

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Make more Pages!

Hello ladies! Laina here today. Just a reminder, you only have four more days to share your Trish scraplift and be eligible for the prize. Link them up here!

Have you finished using up your lovely February kit? I had so many beautiful scraps leftover, I decided to whip up a few more "ready to go pages". I can add photos, a title and some embellishments when I am ready to use them.

Feel free to use these simple little layouts to use up your scraps too!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Use It All Up!

At least that is what I attempt to do with my kits. I know we are all into the March kit presently, and what a pretty little kit that is. But I always have the challenge out there to use up the current kit, as much as is possible. The February project kit was no exception. Trish’s kits give a lot. Not only did I get 3 layouts + the printers tray project created with the project kit, I also got a few fancy cards and a little gift out of those sweet papers too. While the kit is out all over my table, it’s a good time to use up the scraps and get a few more little projects out. It helps keep my papers purged, and very eager for the next kit to arrive.

The cards here have a bit of a Valentine flair to them...however, they will still be well received whenever I send them.

This little gift was put together in a few little minutes. Good thing too as I needed a little something for a friend today.

So, if you are like me, you put your kit away to make way for the new one, and it's out of sight out of mind. Well, hopefully I can challenge you to make up some gifts or cards while the supplies are fresh in your mind.

Have fun!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Craft Blanket Tuitorial

This is my fun friend, Amy. She started this whole mess.

We were freezing at a crop, and she ran out to her car to get her "Wish Blanket"--an expensive gift from a friend. It was kind of like a Snuggie--but really cool because you could stay warm and be a functional person at the same time. (Not so easy to do with a Snuggie.) She showed me her blanket, I made fun of her (aren't I nice?), and then I tried it on.

I didn't want to give it back. I had to have one. But not at that price tag.

And so a project was born.

Found these inexpensive blankets at Walmart for $10. The key is the fabric--soft and really lofty. Bonus points for being printed on both sides (you'll see why later.) It also had finished blanket stitched sides (yippee!!)

Fold the blanket in half, like so...

On a large, flat surface, fold in the two sides like so...

Next, cut out a big "U" shape, making sure to only cut through a single layer of the blanket.

You'll be left with a piece like this. Save it for a pocket if you desire! In this sample, she used that remnant as a pocket, with the blanket stitched edge as the top of the pocket.

Turned out cute!! In my own, I merely folded up the ends and sewed pockets (which is why I wanted double-sided fabric.)

And there you have it. Special thanks to Molly and her daughter Anna for being my models for this blog post. :)

And for those of you who are visual learners and need a sketch, here is my very rough version (imagine it spread out on the floor.)
If you're a freeze-baby like me, give this project a try. We love ours!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

And the winner is...

Hi everyone! Emily here. :) Well, we survived the flea market!! There weren't a ton of people there. There seemed to be a general consensus among the vendors that it hadn't been advertised it as well as it could have. I didn't make a ton of money, but I was happy with the amount of things I got rid of. My husband told me after the fact that he was doubtful I'd make anything!! And, I honestly think I made more money than the majority of the businesses around me!! Here are some iPhone photos of my day...

The view from my "booth"...

What the buyers saw...
(pardon the baby nest below the table!)

My helper...all tired out after a long day!

And the total...there is a bit of discrepancy between what I wrote down (I kept track of each purchase) and the amount of cash I have. Luckily, the discrepancy is in my favor, and I have more than I thought I made. But to be fair, I'll go with the number that I had written down before I counted the money! That number was $129.50. Which means Tracy J is the winner! Congrats! Tracy, you can email me at and I will get your prize out to you!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Fabric Flower Idea...

I started off with my scallop punch (you can also use a circle here) and ripped strips of fabric. Tie a knot in one end, and adhere the knot to the top center of the circle with fabric tac.

Add more fabric glue on the paper, and slowly twist your fabric and glue down as you make your way around the knot, spiraling outward...
The frayed edges add to the homemade look. Love it! Tuck your finished edge under, and place under a book to dry.

Trim off any edges that are showing...
Add pearls, rhinestones, beads or whatever to the center, and enjoy!!

Have a super weekend!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flower Braclets

When I saw this video, I was inspired. Before long, I couldn't stop myself...
I went to my fabric stash, grabbed a few rubber bands, and began wrapping.

I took out my flower jar and buttons, fabric tac and a needle and thread. Then I invited a few friends over to play...
The best part? It didn't cost a thing--we used what I had!! We brought out the Cuttlebug and a few die cuts, and it cut through the felt and fabric perfectly!! The girls loved the way they turned out (and so did their moms.) The pretty creations would also work well as pins or hair clips with the right backing.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

Work in Progress kits!

I've been a fan since Trish began this journey 3 years ago and still love every kit she reveals! I am thrilled to be a part of this design team and celebrate with this group!
Still using my February kit I came up with this lift of Trish's Precious layout!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We interrupt this regularily scheduled blog post...

This blog was supposed to feature my anniversary scraplift of the fabulous Trish! However, last week I got a crazy idea, which forced the layout to the wayside. My school is sponsoring a flea market and craft show this coming Saturday, and I thought it might be a good opportunity to clean out some of my scrapbooking stash. I started going through it...and...WOW. I know I have a lot of supplies, but I don't think I ever knew how MUCH I truly have!!

I'm having a great time going through everything. I'm finding things that I *had* to have, but never used. And papers that I used over and over and only have a tiny scrap left. It is very eye-opening to see the amount of things I haven't used. Here is a look at what I have gathered so far...

I thought in the spirit of some good Olympic competition...we could have our own little contest. To be entered, guess how much money I will make at the Flea Market! Whoever comes closest to the actual amount will win a prize pack from me. :) To help you are some hints!

In the first photo:
  • In the way back is a big stack of old Scrapbook Trends magazines which I am selling for 3 dollars each.
  • In the blue bin in the back are LOTS of bags of buttons and flowers.
  • The green wooden basket thingy probably has 25 packs of brand new embellishements, priced from $.50-$3.00.
  • The green dotted box has Stickles, Pearl Ex, Glitter and other things like that.
  • The plastic bin in front has LOTS Of chipboard.
  • The light blue basket on the right has mini albums and alterables.
In the second photo:
  • The left bin contains patterned paper, packs of cardstock, and stamps.
  • The basket in front has ribbon...packages and loose.
  • The right bin contains everything else! A big bag of alphabets, a big bag of stickers and rubons (most stickers are $1, most rubons are $2), and a bunch of "scrap packs" that I made up.
Leave a comment with your guess by Saturday evening, and I will post a winner on Sunday! (I apologize, but only US and Canadian scrappers, please...the shipping overseas is just too much!!) I will share my scraplift at the end of the month! Happy Guessing! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

March Work in Progress Kits

I haven't loved a set of kits like these in a loooong time. I knew when I found these metal trays, I had to have them in the kits. My crop-a-dile made holes in this baby with no trouble at all. How do you like the magnets I created with vintage buttons? Oh, the possibilities...
So here goes...

March 2010 Main WIP Kit...
Contents of this kit include: 11 Patterned papers (8 Cosmo Cricket Material Girl and 3 Glitz Design), Material Girl Chipboard set, Extra Extra chipboard alphabets--Cosmo Cricket, Tiny Type Alphas in red, Jenni Bowlin Studio pennant/alphabet sticker set, 2 large and 2 medium manila tags, 6 ticket stubs in blue and 6 ticket stubs in orange, 1 yard of brown tulle, 2 4-inch paper doilies, owl paper clips and vintage pin hangers, 1 metal oval tray, and 5 exclusive die cuts. Cost: $28.

March Project Kit...
Contents of this kit include: 8 Patterned papers (6 Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety and 2 Jenni Bowlin Homespun), Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety chipboard stickers, High Noon chipboard alphas--Cosmo Cricket, Cosmo Cricket cardstock stickers, Tiny Type alphabet in brown, Jenni Bowlin chipboard butterflies in orange, Jenni Bowlin brown die cut label, Jenni Bowlin mini Homespun paper set of 6, Jenni Bowlin Homespun cardstock label tags, Jenni Bowlin cardstock sticker pennant/alphas, 3 crocheted flowers (colors may vary), and 5 die cuts. Cost: $32.

March Add-On Kit...

Contents of this kit include: 8 papers-(2 kraft cardstock, 2 Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety--tag and label sheets, 1 Creative Imaginations, 1 Die Cuts with a View, 2 Bo Bunny), 6 Making Memories journaling pages in blue, full package(24 pieces) of 7Gypsies petit hardware, 2 die cut tags in brown, Cosmo Cricket tiny type alphas in green, 4 Dresden butterflies, 1 brown Memory Maker marker, 1 set of alphas from Colorbok, 1 yard green and white striped ribbon, Jenni Bowlin Studios crepe paper ribbon in red--full pack, two vintage hearts cut from old quilts, and 12 American Crafts mini chipboard frames. Cost: $22.

The kits can be reserved by emailing Trish at They will be available on the Work in Progress website at noon EST to the public.

Have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...

This would be our youngest son, posing for his Valentine card. He's a heart-breaker, ladies.

And since his birthday is this week, I let him select the winners...

Congrats to: #4 (his age this week) and #17 (his birthdate).

Michelle and Borcherding (Cindy)--please email me at and I'll ship your Valentine Kits out to you on Tuesday (as Monday is a holiday.)

And to all you WIP fans who stop in and have been along with me and this crazy ride...I love you. For reals. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day Popcorn Bags & Jenni Bowlin Mini Ideas (and a give away!)

I made these for my son's bus driver, using the Valentine Project kit. She loves popcorn...

I have had posting this on my to-do list forever now. I did a year's worth of photos--a monthly review of my daughter from 2009...
I used the JBS packaging (clear acrylic from the mini book) as an additional page. I used a lot of oversized punches and small photos to create this book...

And my sweet friend Julie sent me photos of what she created with her JBS mini book...

It is an adorable mini on her house!!

Thanks for all the sweet wishes regarding the WIP 3rd b-day and all, too. I can't believe it has gone so quickly!!
Leave a comment and I'll draw a couple of winners here on the blog for a WIP kit tomorrow. Consider it an early V-Day present!! Good luck!!