Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Creative Journaling

Sometimes I need to do something creative, without the pressure of actually making something creative. When I found 'Wreck this Journal' by Keri Smith it was perfect. Outside of the box thinking to get the creative juices flowing. Here are a few examples of pages I've done. Here's to creating for the sake of creating.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Peeky Tip (or a Tippy Peek)

So you guys know I'm a pretty green scrapper, right? You have also noticed that I don't always scrap in 12x12. Actually, I hardly ever scrap in 12x12 anymore. I like to mix it up, and actually prefer to scrap in 8.5x11 (although I do 6x12 too). Sometimes I use the leftovers on another layout, especially in a kit. Kits are great for that, because everything is all coordinated and matchy matchy.

A lot of times, though, I'll take that big strip that I just cut from the 12x12 sheet to make it 8.5x11 and I'll make a card out of it. I don't always finish the card right away, but I always fold the cardstock or paper to the side if I know I won't be using it again on a layout and let it sit in a little basket until I need to make a card.

Lately, I've been making the card to coordinate a recent layout, and that is saving me a HUGE amount of time. And dudettes...I'm all about that lately.

Check it out:
So here's a layout that I made with the kit you guys just bought
(here's the peek part)
and the coordinating card!
Give it a try next time you scrap...
before you know it, you'll have a card ready whenever you need one!


Monday, September 28, 2009

All-time favorites...

I'm sure by now, most people have heard that Scenic Route is closing up shop. I was pretty sad to hear this news, considering that their ledger papers are pretty much a must-have for me. I promptly went to their site and purchased a ridiculous amount of graph paper!!

This got me thinking...what are your all-time favorites? What products to you find yourself going back to again and again, regardless of their current "popularity"? I came up with three...

1. Kraft cardstock.

2. Doodlebug alphabet stickers.

3. Ledger paper.

Looking through my layouts from the last couple years I have TONS of layouts that feature all three of are some of my favorites! (Beware...some of these are pretty old!)

I'd love to hear about your favorite products or see some of your layouts that feature them! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Finds

This is just too stinkin' cute. I need one in my size!
No one sets a table like Amy Atlas. No one. Her blog is informative and inspiring, and it is one of my favorite bookmarks.

My obsession with acorns continues. Cookie cutters!! Here you go...

This awesome Halloween Advent calendar is just like the ones found at Christmastime!! It contains bite-sized chocolates and can be found here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Softball Mini

I know...I know. But better late than never, eh? This mini documents my daughter's year in softball and is finally finished, so I thought I'd share it with you today...
This chipboard project was from the July WIP Project kit. I painted the cover with Tim Holtz Crackle Paint (tea stain) and junked it up a bit with ink to distress it. The cardstock stickers and the softball die cut were included in the kit...
I ended up cutting several extra pages freehand because I had a ton of photos from my daughter's softball season. I included doodling and journaling along the edges, too.

And I basically did the front similar to the back. Feels good to get another project under my belt (and the perfect way to end our summer!!)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Creating apple Art

Being a teacher - I have come across MANY fun activities to do with kids that I have now brought home to do with my daughter Alyson. Being September and all the talk of Johnny Appleseed I thought it would be fun to do some Apple painting. I haven't had the time to do this with my own students yet - but it is fun!

All you need is:

*one apple (Unless you want to do more than 2 colors)
*2 popsicle sticks
*paint in yellow, red, green
*construction paper (in white)
*paper plate for the paint

The popsicle sticks are not necessary but let me tell you they help a lot - and keep the mess to a minimum.

I used some acrylic paint from Michael's but kids poster paints work much better. Here she is all excited to get stamping!
She drenched the apple and I was trying to get her to wipe a little off - but no go -- hehe! The point is so they can see the star shape that is in the middle of the apple - so fun! But she still had a blast! She started off with patterns and then just wanted to keep going!

At one point she even mixed the green and the yellow which was perfect!

And her finished product --- she loves it! I think this is an awesome fall activity that is quick for everyone! And because we are scrappers we usually have all the materials on hand! So give this a try --it is fun!

Also -- if your child is older - consider using a plastic knife and let then cut a shape into the apple to make a unique stamp!
I can't wait to make these pictures into a scrap page!!
Thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

we all love fall...

show us how you scrap it!!
i dont have too much to show you we really dont get the 'fall season' to much where i have lived.
like where i am now all we get is a drop in temperature which hasnt happened yet!

here are a couple of my 'fall' pages :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ready or not

here comes fall...

Hi everyone Tina here to share some fun stuff I've been playing with over the past few weeks. I already started decorating for Halloween and I've been having a ball with crafts too.
I've been making pumpkins out of cans since the kids were in pre school, and still make them today. I start by spray painting the can with desired color.
Once they are painted and dry I begin drawing on the face using puff paints.
I allow that to dry before filling in outline
Once Frank was finished I added some floral foam, shredded paper and Candy apple suckers.

I also did several sizes of cans
another of my favorite halloween crafts are these felt pumpkins
and take a couple of clay pots and paint and you got candy corn
These cute pockets are using an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper, some stamps.
and here are my Scaredy Kat bars. A template I made years ago to wrap snack size kit kat bars. If you have the publisher program and would like a copy of this template just drop me an email at
Hope I inspired you to dig out some felt, paint or whatever medium you desire and start playing!