Wednesday, February 18, 2009

everyday moments.

these are my favorite things to scrapbook.
yes i want to always remember birthday's
holiday's and milestones. But also i dont want
to FORGET all the little things. Like, that we
called our youngest monkey. Or that we have
family game nite every week, or that my boys
love picking 'weeds' for me. Or that my
daughter liked to sneak off with the camera
and take photos of herself. the list goes on
and on. Are you capturing all the little
everyday moments in YOUR life?
here are a few of mine :)


Tara said...

I love doing layouts about the everyday moments. In fact, I'm finding it more difficult to do "events" lately. Usually, the stories behind the everyday moments are more interesting, and will be the ones that we'll be grateful we've documented 30 years from now.

Trish said...

Love your post, Janelle. Your layouts are beautiful, and the reminder is a wonderful one. Gotta get those details down...

Laina Lamb said...

love this pages janelle! some of your best yet.

borcherding said...

Love these layouts!!

janet said...

My favorite things to scrap!! Every day moments! Love your layouts. So cute that your daughter loves to sneak your camera!