Friday, June 12, 2009

Memory Box Inspiration

When inspiration hits me I have to move on it. If I let the idea stay in my head for too long, I either become obsessed with trying to ‘make’ time to go with it, or it fades away and I lose the inspiring moment all together.
That said, I received a great book this past month from a dear friend. This friend is always collecting boxes for me. I love boxes, and she is always on the hunt for unusual finds. This time she found a book on memory boxes. I was delighted. And immediately inspired. It’s called Making Memory Boxes by Anna Corba. This lovely book caused many ideas to come forward and I went to work. Several of the projects I put together became my May into June decoration around the house.

This cigar box has been with me for many years. It long ago was painted and distressed but had been sitting around doing nothing. With the ideas found in the memory book, I became inspired and put it back to use. Using some of my favorite photos of my mother from her childhood, I went with a shadow box idea and showcased those as a way to celebrate her birthday last month. I love how it came together. Not sure if I am going to want to take it down when July decorations need to go up. It’s a bit simpler than what Anna shows in her book. But it’s my take on the idea and I am pleased with its outcome.

Another idea she has in the book is using open frames as the box and creating focal points within the frame. Again reusing what I already had, I distressed the edges a bit on this black frame, layered in a background, and just like a scrapbook page, put together a layout in the frame without the glass. This photo highlights my maternal grandmother whose memory we honor in May. I loved putting this one together too. These are special photos that speak to me when they are out and in plain sight, not hidden in an album. To finish the look, I gathered some vintage-y items in my stash and created this focal point for my front room.

This very old frame is the same idea as the above. Continuing on a vintage theme, as well as the beginning of the growing season here, I gathered things of that nature and set them in this frame and then on an easel. It’s just one of those pieces that make me smile.

I look forward to moving forward with the ideas from Anna Corba’s book. There are so many possibilities for using memory boxes in one’s home as well as gift items. Hmmm…got to go…inspiration has just struck again.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

OMG I absolutely love all your memory boxes! I am so going to make one... or more! Great post Jamie!

jamie said...

make sure we get to see them, tina!

Nathalie said...

Those are some beautifully embellished boxes and frames! Loving the look of them!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

These projects are so beautiful!