Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Box Garland

TGIF!! Today, I'm sharing a Valentine Box Garland that I made last year. This year, we're actually using it. What a concept!
Fourteen boxes, representing the first 14 days in February.  In each box, I put something sweet or thoughtful inside for each child.  Not easy with the tiny boxes.  But it works!

The key to stringing them up is to string only the backside of each box.  The lids have to fit securely so they don't open.  Two I had to tape shut, because they kept spilling open.  The kids love it.

You may recognize a few of the other banners from past Valentine's kits or projects.  This year, I made the ribbon/rag garland and added it to the mix.  Worked perfectly for a photo shoot backdrop for a newborn baby girl a few days ago.

Enjoy your weekend!

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