Sunday, October 14, 2007

Work in Progress is NKOTB at Willow Traders!!!

I have to say that I'm completely overwhelmed here. I just finished reading the review from Christina Gill (scrapper extrordinaire herself) and I have to made me cry! I'm a sentimental gal, (as many of us scrappers are!) and her take on everything to do with WIP is so flattering--I'm truly touched. She checked out the website, the blog, reviewed the November main kit, the add-on and the recipe kit, too! Man--from the bottom of my heart--THANK YOU CHRISINA!

And for all of the customers --I sincerely appreciate your business. You have taken a leap of faith with me, and I am forever grateful! I'll do my very best to keep up the level of creativity you so deserve. I love getting your feedback, and your business has helped me become better at what I do. Thank you!!

I also want to acknowledge the best design team in the entire scrappy universe! I absolutely think the world of this bunch of gals, and I can't wait to get their input every time I get an idea. They are amazingly talented gals, and they keep me going. They're also good for a laugh...and I love that, too...

And on a special note--I want to publicly thank my family (Chris and our kiddos--but also my mom too!) and close friends (especially Jen, Val and Kristin) who keep me focused and grounded on the very best and the very worst of days. This review is as much yours as it is mine, and I want to thank you for your support and patience. I love you guys!

Okay, enough gushing for now. Take a peek at the review here...

(We're going out for an ice cream to celebrate!!!)


Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, Trish!! This is just so cool and completely well deserved!
You put together amazing kits each month and we all love ya' for that :)

You have no idea how much I enjoy getting to play with them every month. Thank you!

Tina said...

I totally agree with Anilu! No one deserves this more than you!

These kits are always amazing and fun to work with, as are you!

So glad to be in the company of this entire group!

Nicole Eshelman said...

Yeah, Trish!!! You totally ROCK and deserve this so much!!!!

I am honored to be part of this wonderful team...hugs to all!!!

jakey said...

Thrilled to bits for you Trish and for your girls - you all deserve it :-)

jk xx