Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tina’s Favorite Things – this was fun!

  1. My Ipod video. I seriously love this thing. My husband got me the U2 version last Christmas… I have watched videos, listened to music, worked out to my music and played music on my computer and in my scraproom. You can even play your ipod through your car stereo (with additional supplies) – You can download your favorite videos. Mine is filled with lots of U2 (which a special version came with the ipod), matchbox 20, some episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Studio 60 and even some of the American Idol videos.
  1. Mac laptop – Okay so it’s not mine, its Chelsea’s. This thing is awesome! We’ve had more fun with this thing since she got it a week ago, and it’s perfect for all her graphics classes in High School and college!
  1. Rose petal betty bath soaps and lip balm. I got this for gifts and some for myself J - it is truly an awesome product
  1. Chevy Trail Blazer – we had talked about getting a new car for so long that my taste had changed. Each time Joel said in the fall we’ll get one or let’s wait till spring I was heartbroken. But turns out we waited just long enough for me to find the Trail Blazers and I’m so glad. This car is perfect luxurious yet sporty, comfy and oh so cool A Sunroof, On star, a phone that I just talk to the speakers Plus a BOSE stereo which I love to crank up loud!! I’ve had it for over a year and almost every day I tell my husband “I love my car!”
  1. My Canon Rebel – I know there are many steps up to this camera but after taking a photography class with Karen Russell (another luxury) – I love my camera even more.
  1. A scrapbook weekend retreat – A weekend away where all your meals are taken care of and all you have to think about is scrapping – perfect, just perfect.
  1. My Silpada earrings – since I found these earrings I can finally wear more styles that won’t infect my ears.
  1. Matchbox 20 CD - Exile on mainstream
  1. Cropadile – does so much so effortlessly
  1. Quickutz – even after getting the Cricut and other cutting systems I still love my quickutz and all the fun dies you can get
  1. Magic Erasers – I must second Molly on these – they are the best

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Anilu Magloire said...

The retreat sounds like heaven, Tina!!