Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Family Wall Hanging *featuring the January kit*

So, I had this book from Creative Imaginations, and I just couldn't think of what to do with it...until I thought out of the box a bit. And tore that baby apart! It was liberating...freeing...and it kind of got out some aggression, too (which in my book is always a plus, because who doesn't have a little extra aggression to get out, right ;) ). And using the awesome January kit with it made this whole hanging go lickety split! :D I promise that you can get this done in one night, it is that easy! :D

1.You can use any type of chipboard book for this, I just had on hand the Melodee Chipboard Album from Creative Imaginations. Rip this apart, and make sure that you grab a good hole puncher, as well (I used my Crop A Dile for my holes).

2.Pick out your papers that you want to use, and cut them to size (to cut them to size, just trace the outline of the chipboard).

3.I printed out photos that were from all different times, but my favorites of my family. I printed them out 2x3 (wallet sized), and they are in black and white, making it easier for the paper to match the photos.

4.Adhere the patterned paper to the chipboard. Then, sand down the edges of the papers (I used my Basic Grey Precision file set, but you can use your favorite method to sand them down).

5.Pick out embellishments that you would like to use for your hanging. It can be anything, really. I used ribbons, die cuts from the kit, lace, buttons, chipboard letters, paint, ink, chipboard embellishments from the kit, flowers, stickles, thread...and so on.

6.I used some of the embellishments before putting down the photos. This is a personal choice, whatever works for you, put it down. :D It's all about having fun when putting this project together.

7.Once you adhere the embellishments behind the photos, put your photos down. If you are afraid that your adhesive won't work for this, then just use a stronger one. I use the Tombo Mono Liquid adhesive for just about everything, including this project. I have had it hanging on the wall for about 3 weeks now, and nothing has fallen off, so it gets my stamp of approval. :)

8.Now is the fun part. Just use whatever embellishments you want, and go to it! :) I did a couple of different things for mine, including folding in half the lace and scrunching it, then sewed it together at the scrunched down parts.

9.To bind it all together, I used some of the baker's twine from Martha Stewart. I looped it through one side (top side), and then stapled it to the on top of it. Then, at the top top (Paul's photo is on the top top), I used some HUGE black ric rac to make the loop. I also used staples on the back of it, to keep it staying on.

10.And I think that's it. I didn't do anything else to it at all. Didn't put modge podge on it, nada. I hope that you all like it! :)


Valerie said...


Trish said...

Super cute idea, Molly! Thanks for posting!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

I saw that on Molly's blog, and totally loved it. Awesome way to use the mini book!

Kim Smith said...

I left a comment about this yesterday but poof - it's never shown up...Love your use of a chipboard album - I have so many of those but am afraid to tear them apart but I think I'm going to scraplift this!

cheryl mezzetti said...

love how you used the Creative Imaginations Melodee book!
Very beautiful!

Amber said...

I Love your idea, I made one for my mom and still want to make me one, but i think yours turned out way cuter than the one i made for my my mom. I will have to make mine more like yours.