Friday, January 25, 2008

My Space.

This is my scrapbook room. It is also my office, and the home to our family pc (which means that while this photo was taken, two of my three children were behind that counter coloring on the floor.) And it's just the way I like it.
I got this counter from my favorite furniture store's clearance center about 2 years ago. Their loft store was closing, and this was their check-out counter. I asked if it was for sale. They laughed. When I returned the next day, there was a price tag on it--and it was way out of my league. So I waited. I waited for weeks. And two hours before the store closed its doors for good, they lowered their prices to 75% off all clearance items, and I snagged that baby up for a song. It is solid English Oak, heavy and 105" long. And I love her.

The view from my perch, behind the counter:

I am a fan of the ladder shelves, but NOT black. It is true--you see everything--dust and all!

This was once a wine rack and a bread box. They are now storage units for journaling.
I got this recently on clearance, and it is my new favorite thing. It catches everything that didn't have a home.
I posted about this before. Got it at one of my favorite stores...Arhaus Furniture.
It houses all my stamps, and a few regularly used punches.
The scissors are from Pottery Barn, and the other stuff from flea markets or antique stores. I took the idea to hang things on a rack from my friend Kelly.
And I decided to organize embellies by color because of my friend Melanie. It really makes more sense in the way I scrap.
And the wall unit is also from Arhaus (but if you're local, totally check out their clearance center--I got this there!)
Two years ago, I was pregnant with my third, and was faced with moving my then scrap space out of the spare bedroom. I recall being so distraught over that now. I loved having my space upstairs, because I scrapped at night and I was close to the kids.

So I thought I'd be forced into the basement. And that would be fine (if it looked like Tina's!), but mine does NOT.

When my friend Jen suggested that we turn our home office into a real office/scrap room, I thought she was nuts. I thought it wasn't big enough, with all my stuff. I thought on it a while, and in the middle of the night, I started moving furniture...and that was the beginning. The thought of being on the main floor of the house, where everyone else was living, appealed to me on one level. But I'm not an organized person by nature--and we love to entertain. So how could I hide all the mess?

When we built the house, my husband and I had parents with illnesses, and we had the forethought to put a garden door on the living room in the house in the event that it may have to someday be used to house one of them. So glad we did that. I promptly sewed a curtain on that door, and can open and close it as I desire. And the door has a lock on it. Perfect.

I live in this room. I enjoy scrapping here sometimes--but mostly I do business work here on the counter. I like to sit on the floor and scrap, leave it out, and come and go as I please.

And I cleaned and purged all week to get it presentable to post these darned pictures. So take a good look, because it won't be this clean again for a while! :)

Thanks for taking the tour!

Okay, the questions...

My process: I love deadlines. Sick, I know. But I work better under pressure. I am usually inspired by the photos first, and that dictates my direction. I am a total sketch whore and don't apologize for it.

Five can’t live without items: My Canon SLR, photo editing software, brads, cardstock, and alphabets.

The daily item I couldn’t live without: Diet coke and my camera

Right now I want: to organize my photos--they're a mess.

I wish I knew : more about photoshop and actions.

When I want to indulge myself, I: read a book in the tub. Alone.

3 scrap/card related sites you want others to know about: amazing cards here,

fun recipes here, and my new favorite blog here.

You’ll never see me: submit layouts for publication. No interest in it.

A childhood memory that scarred you: I climbed up a tree and couldn't get back down! I have a huge fear of falling because of that incident!

2 things you do every single day: kiss my husband and kids and call my mom.

Music or TV show you scrap to: 80's music

Describe yourself in 3 words: passionate, loyal & sincere. I'm also pretty intense.

2 scrap related goals for this year: To continue to teach classes while doing the kit club and to sharpen my photography skills and do more photo shoots for friends and family!

Okay, off to mess up this room...:)

Enjoy your weekend!


Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Trish, that is an awesome space. Love all your organizational ideas. Everything has the perfect spot! And that check-out counter rocks. Do you stand while you scrap?

Loved your interview too. It is so much fun getting to know you and the DT gals better through this fun blog feature. :)

Crockpot Lady said...

thank you for linking to me! I'm having a lot of fun.

Your craft room is beautiful. I am insanely jealous. I don't have a square foot of space that's all-my-own.

I *love* the counter! What a great idea!

Cris said...

Love your space Trish! It's homey and inviting. I also appreciate you sharing those cool links. I'm tuning in every Monday for MACM! xoxo

Kim Smith said...

Your room is so beautiful but functional - seeing all these pics makes me want to just go organize something!

Also thanks for the heads-up on the crockpot recipe blog - I love crockpot recipes!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Love your room - love your cabinets, all the neat storage ideas and that counter is totally awesome! Can't wait to see it in person!

Nicole Eshelman said...

I envy your counter :). Everything looks just perfect...and so clean!!! :) Thanks for sharing with us!

Molly said...

Trish, your room is incredible! WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!! How I wish I was back on the mainland so I could get some of that stuff!!!! Way too expensive over here...ugh!

Hey, if you ever want to learn about photoshop and actions, give me a ring! I can walk you through it, it's really easy, I promise. :)

Heather said...

What a great space!! It looks something like I would totally have! What I really LOVE is that sign you have on the shelf. :D That is soooo me! Where did you find that! I need to make one for me and my space/bedroom.
thanks for all these great peeks into everyone scrap space!

Julia said...

Your room looks great! I love all the black accents even though yes..the dust does show. But it's a great room and that cabinet is amazing! Worth waiting for!!

Ady said...

Great space... I love all the tid bits for organizing. I'm working on my space too. I think I have it 80% done. I'll share pics with you soon...

Casii said...

I love your counter and its backstory! Great space!

Dana said...

Trish that is one of the BEST scraprooms I have seen! You are very neat!!!! LOL

My scraproom can never stay tidy, although I just cleaned it today. LOL


~*Michele*~ said...

WOW, you have an amazing scrap space!