Sunday, February 10, 2008

Armed and Dangerous...

Had a great day at home with some wonderful ladies at a class. Here's Tina working hard on her photo pendant:Thankfully, no one got burned (which was a deep fear I had all day long with a soldiering iron!). Karen, yours is finished (she's a trooper with a broken arm) and I'll get yours to you this week. Deb, yours too! And they look great--can't wait for you to see them...

Here is Michelle's (she's making hers into a bracelet)...
And two of Mary Anne's:
Despite the cold, I appreciate you all venturing out on a day like today to spend it with me, and I thank you for it!

I wanted to take a minute to tell everyone thank you for all your interest in the Special Edition Anniversary Kit. It is sold out, and there are no more. I intend on emailing everyone who requested one but did not receive one. I am holding the list in case someone backs out or changes their mind, and will go in the order in which I received the requests. I am completely overwhelmed at the response, and I appreciate all your well wishes on the anniversary!

For those of you who didn't manage to score that kit, I did want you to know that the March Add-on kit will feature the die cut sheets from both Pink Paislee lines (Office Lingo and Spring Fling) as well as one of the papers. The sneaks will all be featured on March 15th here and on the website, and will all be available on pre-order.

And last but certainly not least...the winners of the contest!

Here are the answers in the order in which they were asked:

Carrie Owens, Joy Madison and Jamie Waters
December 4th.

There were 7 people who answered correctly, and of them, I drew two winners.

Congrats to Kim Smith and Deonne Baker!!! I will mail out your packages on Tuesday!!! Please email me at for your addresses! Thanks to all of you out there who played along--you did a great job!

Back tomorrow wish some V-Day projects...


Gabrielle said...

These are SUPER CUTE! I need to learn how to make these! What great keepsakes! :)

Valerie said...

That was another amazing class, Trish. Do you know how painful it would be if I wasn't in driving distance to you?? Thanks for a fun day!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Oooh what fun, guys! Your goodies are looking fabulous - hope we get to see the finished projects on all your blogs.

Congrats to the winners of the contest too.

Kim Smith said...

I wish I was in driving distance to take some of these classes - what a wonderful keepsake!