Friday, February 29, 2008

Subscription Information

Happy Friday Bloggers! And Happy Leap Day!

Just a reminder to the people who purchased the March Main kit and the March Project kit--the newsletters will be emailed to you tomorrow. The people who got the Letter to Me project kit will receive their email newsletter March 2nd (Sunday.) And the Letter to Me project kit is now officially SOLD OUT--thanks so much! And for those of you who can't wait another minute, I also updated the DT gallery.

How cool is it that Etsy was on Martha Stewart today, and they mentioned one of my favorite spots, Every Jot and Tittle? I am so happy for her! Pretty cool!

And for those of you who have inquired, I have posted information on subscriptions on the website. You can email me if you are interested in subbing--just be sure to tell me if you're taking the 3-month or the 6-month option at

Here are the basics:

One Monthly Purchase--$34
3-Month Subscription--$32 *no skip option
6-Month Subscription--$30 *one skip option

At this time, shipping will remain at $6.50 per kit, for the continental US addresses.
There will most likely be a shipping increase in May with all priority mail is
increased. For international rates, I still only charge exact costs to ship, and that is
sent out in a separate paypal invoice. Kits will ship out once the paypal invoice is
paid, and the shipping is USPS Priority.

There is only an option to skip when purchasing a 6 month subscription, and it is a
one-time offer.
In the event that you would like to skip a month, for whatever reason, please
contact me before the 17th of the month you would like to skip. That month will
then be tacked on to the end of your sub. So if you joined the club in April 2008 for
six months and want to skip July, your sub would end in October instead of
September because you skipped the July kit. There are no skips offered for 3
months subscriptions.

Early Cancellation Policy
There will be a $15 cancellation fee for anyone choosing to leave a subscription
We reserve the right to cancel any sub at any time. We also reserve the right to
refuse a subscription for any reason.

Subscription Sign Ups and Activation
To sign up for a subscription, please email Trish at and
select either a three month or 6 month option. You will be sent a confirmation
email, and your subscription will begin with the April Kit (which will be billed on
March 15th.) Each month, you will be sent an email with a photograph and a list of
contents of the kits that are available for purchase. Subscriptions exist for the
MAIN MONTHLY KIT. As a subscriber, you will also have the first option to purchase
add-ons and project kits at this time. After your order is placed, you will be sent a
paypal invoice with your total. You will have 3 days to pay the invoice, and the kit(s)
will be mailed out once the invoice is paid.

Work in Progress Kits will contact you when your subscription is about to expire. If
you would like to re-enlist, you may do so at that time. If you are not interested,
simply notify me via email. You will not be automatically charged for a

Email newsletters for the kits will continue to stay the same, and will be sent to
customers who purchase the kit on the first of the month. So for example, for the
April kit, the kits will be available for purchase on March 15th and sent out after the
invoice is paid. The newsletter for that kit will be emailed on April 1st. The gallery
with the design team creations will also be available on April 1st as well.

Okay, have a great weekend, and I'll be back with some yummy stuff soon!


Anilu Magloire said...

I love the big black and white pic with JB's paper. So lovely!!

Anilu Magloire said...

I love the big black and white pic with JB's paper. So lovely!!

Dayami said...

OMG! Martha?!!!! I have it on Tivo. hmmm I think Im gonna watch that now.
Thanks ;)

Chancesfok said...

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