Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun Kids Craft

So my children and I have enjoyed this Spring break immensely, and it is coming to a close. I wanted to share one of the fun crafts my daughter and I did one night...You remember these, don't you? Same concept, different season! I bought the SoftSoap brand of hand soap at the store (yes, they come in a variety of colors and scents!) and took the label off. We used stickers and rub ons and had a grand old time! We even went a little crazy and used the Souffle pens on the AC stickers to add some color. It was a quick, easy and inexpensive craft that is useful. Love that!
She made some for her aunts, grandmas, the mom of a friend, and me. She has loved gifting them, and it is a great way to use my stash.

I am WAY behind on emails, and while I'm trying to play catch-up, I have a tax deadline that isn't budging, so please bear with me--I'm trying!

I didn't watch the Celebrity Apprentice, but I know many of my friends did. I have been a fan of Trace Adkins for some time now, and I know his fan base has grown because of that show. This song gets me--and it has inspired an upcoming project...and I wanted to thank Val for that!

Have a great weekend!


Damaris said...

Soooo lifting...ok..outright stealing this idea. Jacqueline and I are going to do these little critters for her b-day. Thanks for the idea. you rock lady!

pickmepam said...

trish: i had gotten a soap bottle from carolyn a few years back, but these are way too cute! as always, your website and ideas make me smile and always brighten my day!

Aleks said...

Trish!! Those are too cute!!

Trace Adkins. Before, the apprentice I didn't know who he was. DH is a huge fan of the Apprentice, and a huge fan of Trace Adkins now too! We both don't particularly choose country to listen to, but after he sang that song, I was crying and he was saying, "Sounds different when you feel you know someone, doesn't it." The song warmed my heart, and reminded me that I will miss these days with my crabby baby and too many kids for too small of a house!

DH got the song for me, he's special. ;)

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Trish, this is a fun and creative idea! And those baby shower crafts are too cute. I really like how you made those little bibs with scrappy stuff. I'll be calling you for ideas whenever I have a baby :-) LOL! Hugs!

Molly said...

Again, you are amazing! I need to do these! For sure! :D

Sabii Wabii said...

I love this idea! Cute..

forby01 said...

Hi Trish, tell Jami she did an awesome job on her projects. Those are great! You know me. I love Trace, that voice just makes ya melt! :) Happy Spring!

Scr@p and More said...

waoo its beautiful, grate idea

borcherding said...

omg...THAT song totally had me in tears. LOVE IT!!!