Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting to know Emily...

Please help me welcome Emily Anderson as the guest designer for WIP Kits , July 2008!!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: well, hello there! i'm emily. i'm 26 years young. i've been married to keith for 5 years. we have 3 rowdy munchkins. caedmon is 4. hadley is 2 1/2. and milo will be 1 this month. i'm a stay at home mama, which is the most challenging thing i've ever done. i love this crazy scrapbooking hobby that i stumbled upon 5 years ago! it allows me to be creative and preserve family memories all at the same time. and luckily, the hubs supports me in all my scrapbooking adventures :) life is good.

Give us some insight into your creative process and what inspires you: well, i'm always running ideas through my head. when i actually sit down and create, it's usually during my kids naptime, so my long, amazing ideas (running through my head) have to be acted out rather quickly! sometimes they work. sometimes they don't. i am constantly inspired by all things around me. magazine ads, tv commercials, billboards...i love the graphic design of things, and i like to try and recreate that on my pages!

If you only had 7 scrapbook items to use for the rest of your life, what would they be? card stock. thickers. masking tape. thread and needle. distresser. paint.

How would you describe your style? i would say that my style changes with every page. if i'm inspired by something, then it leans towards that. but the very next day i could be inspired by something totally different, and that page may lean towards that. quite honestly, it's ever changing. but i couldn't be more proud of my "style!"

I can't wait to get my hands on…some hambly. never tried it, but it's so beautiful, i would love to have stacks and stacks of it!

Favorite embellishment I can't get enough of…this sounds weird, but masking tape and embroidery thread. i've become rather obsessed with using those 2 items on my pages...luckily they're cheap!

Technique/supply I'd like to try: i'd like to learn how to color really good with markers and a blender pen. i've always stunk at that!

Favorite Food: anything called dessert.

Least Favorite Food: anything called a vegetable.

Favorite TV show: so you think you can dance.

Favorite thing: seeing and hearing my children learn about God.

Least favorite thing: having to yell and discipline the aforementioned children. (that happens quite often :)

A phobia: being stuck on an elevator. is that a phobia??

An addiction: blog surfing!

Thanks for designing for Work in Progress Kits this month, Emily!!


jamie said...

i can't tell you how many times i have gone to look at her page on the kit is some very beautiful and heartfelt work. she has been very inspiring to me.

emily said...

thanks for having me!!
i LOVED the kit!!
you rock trish :)

janet said...

Love Emily's work!!! Such a great style!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Loved Emilys layouts and it was great getting to know her more!

Anilu Magloire said...

Absolutely gorgeous LOs. WTG!!

Britta said...

Hey Emily - you´re the best! *lol*