Monday, August 4, 2008

I Don't Like Pink!

Happy Monday everyone! Francine signing in! As my title says I don't like pink. At least that's what I thought until I took a look around the house! It seems like that color has been sneaking in more and more into my life. I totally blame scrapbooking. Before scrapbooking came along my signature colors were black, brown and beige. Exciting huh? Now my life is filled with color, thanks to patterned papers and embellishments. And the spill over is obvious. So what better way to celebrate this than with a scrapbook page?

(click on photo to see it larger)

I used Photoshop to make a photo collage with the photos I wanted to use, then printed out the collage at 5"x7". The die cut paper from the kit went perfectly with my theme. What's your favorite color? Or your least liked color? Scrap a page about it!


Anonymous said...

You need to change the name of this blog, it's terrible for one reason: it has nothing to do with your site's content.

pickmepam said...

humm, what was that all about?
i have to agree with you on the whold "pink" thing. i'm not a huge fan of it, but noticed i have even bought myself a pink shirt the other day! what's with that?
very cute layout!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I love your layout however I am a huge pink fan :)

Jewel said...

Very cute layout. I like pink but I don't have much of it around my house and I think I only have one pink shirt. I tend to go for the fall colors, anything cranberry red or sage green.

jamie said...

you know why this blog is called work in progress...because that's what we you francine i use to be very monotone in my color out look...but now i am drawn to patterns, and patterns mixed with other patterns...i even recently bought a necklace that has a little pink bling on not me, and it surprises everyone who knows me...but it's fun, and liberating...and reminds me i am a work in progress and that life is a journey.
thanks for posting today.

Joy said...

Very cute layout, Fran! I LOVE the pink! :)

emily said...

that LO is beautiful!!
LOVE it!