Saturday, August 23, 2008


my question for you all today is...what inspires you?
not just "what inspires your art?" but "what inspires your life?"
i find myself taking inspiration from so many things.
whether it's a magazine ad, a quote from a book, a song, a picture...the list can go on and on.
i feel i'm often inspired to not only create better and more meaningful art, but to also live a more meaningful life.
that is the best inspiration.
a while back, i made this 6 x 6 envelope mini for a challenge blog.
i found myself bogged down with magazine pictures that i tear out, quotes written on post-it notes, and just random little tid-bits.
so, i made a home to house all my inspiration.
i made each envelope represent a different category.
the first one is random inspiration.

the second one is for decor (obviously).
i like to tear pictures out of magazines, and keep them in this envelope for the future, when i'm decorating a room.

the third is for fashion.
i love fashion.
most of the time, i cannot afford the beautiful fashion that i so love, so i stick the picture in my envelope and try to find a cheaper version of the shirt/shoes/jewelry/or whatever it is that i'm so into.

the last one is for life.
this is where i throw random quotes, scriptures, song lyrics...anything that inspires me to be a better woman/wife/mom/friend...
this is my favorite folder.

i love this mini cause it's so minimal on the outside, but chocked full of goodness on the inside.
so, again, what inspires you?
i challenge you to keep it all together in some really comes in handy to have it all in one place!
have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes life is so busy and overwhelming that one does not ask oneself "What inspires me?.
Thanks for reminding me of that today.


jamie said...

too much inspires me...the envelope album is a great idea.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

What a great inspiration album! I am inspired by magazines, graphic design elements, everyday activities, feelings and emotions, nature, loved ones, and so much more! Scrapbooking has helped me see my life in a whole new light and I find myself paying much more attention to my surroundings.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I like your inspiration album. I need a way to keep all my ideas together.

Trish said...

I have used a "Style file" for a long time, and it is busting at the seems. This may be a better way of organizing for me--thanks for the tip!