Tuesday, September 30, 2008

gettin' ready for halloween?

it sure is creeping up on us! just one month away!
i know my kids can't stop talking about what they want to
dress up as. so my question to you is do you have any
halloween traditions? please share them with us!
we really dont have any---other than the kids make
some handmade decorations each year. last year we made
lollipop ghosts. not sure what we will do this year...any suggestions?

so to get you in the hallows day mood here are a couple of cards
i made with the october project kit. have you made any halloween cards
yet this year? share them with us!


Trish said...

Love your cards and your mini this month, Janelle! Too cute!

We do TONS of fall things here. Just went apple picking last week, gearing up for our annual hayride with a bunch of friends in 2 weeks, had a kid's craft class last weekend, hold a Croptoberfest, visit several local farms and Pumpkintown, and a bonfire after raking loads of leaves at my parents house. I LOVE fall!!

Colleen said...

those are so cute!!!

we don't do much. i decorate for fall and we do oktoberfest (although I don't think they are having one here). that's about it. we might go for a leaf drive in the N. Georgia mountains.

Nicole said...

Every year we go Pumpkin/Apple picking the first week of October. So Saturday we will be up bright and early and be in the pumpkin patch by 9:00 a.m. It'll be exciting to take my son (who is 14 months) and see his reaction to it. I love going to the smokehouse after picking and stocking up on tons of yummy stuff. Fall is my favorite time of year.

pickmepam said...

very cute cards, janelle!
our new tradition is to go apple picking! last year we went too late and the apples were all gone!:( we'll try a bit earlier this year so we don't miss out!