Thursday, September 25, 2008

Letters Looking Sparse?

If you are a scrapper, you most likely have an obsession with all kinds of letters. I know I do! I love them so much that I often find it hard to throw them out. Even when my sticker sheet or my chipboard letters start looking sparse, and it becomes hard to spell the words I want to, I still can't seem to get rid of them! I thought that today I would share a few tried-and-true tips to help you get more mileage out of those letter sheets!

1) Use other letters as a substitute to the letter you need.
We all know this trick, right? Flip the letter "u" over to use as an "n". Cut the second hump off of the letter "m" or cut the "h" down to use as an "n" or "u". It comes in quite handy when you are trying to spell a word, but you are running out of those popular consonants and vowels. How about flipping an "h" over to use as a "y"? Each font is a little different . . . look for the possibilities. For the layout below, I cut the letter "w" down to use as the letter "e". With this particular font, you could also cut down the letter "k" to use as the letter "e".

2) Don't be afraid to mix fonts/colors/sizes of letters.
Mixing letter types can produce a really fun affect. This is an older layout of mine, but it's a good example of this concept. :)

3) Use a letter stamp in place of the letter you are missing.

Want to use up those chipboard letters, but you ran out of vowels? Try using letter stamps to replace your missing letters. On this layout I stamped the letter "e" in between the chipboard letters of the word "when". You could also hand draw or stitch a replacement letter. Wouldn't that be cute!

4) Finally, use an online anagram tool to help you spell out words with the remaining letters in your set.

Online Anagram Tool

Type in the letters leftover in your set and see if you can find a word to incorporate into your title. Try it it's fun!

If you have any more tips for using up your letters, share them with us in the comment section! I would love to hear your ideas!

Enjoy your weekend!



jamie said...

very cool the 'w' to 'e' idea...always need more 'e-s'.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Wow I will begin to look at my letters in a new way! Great post!

Becky said...

Great ideas!
I've also used the negative left on the sticker sheet once in awhile (depends on the sticker of course) by just cutting it into a square/rectangle.

Colleen said...

great ideas!!