Saturday, September 27, 2008

a peek of green

Happy Saturday!

Colleen here and I'm back for more green scrapbooking and a little peek of my DT projects using the October kit.

Do you sometimes forget to take pictures because you are ooohing and aaaahing over the sites? I do. I took a vacation over Labor Day and hardly took a picture. But, that doesn't mean that the memory is lost. Nope! Cause I've got a plan...a green one.

Why toss those postcards that you didn't mail, or those ticket stubs that you have in your pockets? Don't throw away those brochures that the tour guides give way! Scrap them! This is an easy way to scrap green.

Check this out:

I lived in Jamaica for a year while I was doing my dissertation research, and over that time I visited just about every place I could on that island. I attended a Burns Supper that the Jamaican Scottish Society held. I saw the Jamaican Folk Singers perform. I bought post card after post card of the sites, because you can't always take your camera with you into these places. Plus, I just forgot half the time. Some scrapbooker I am...

A few years after I moved back to the states, I came across a shoebox filled with all of the stuff I had collected from Jamaica, and I decided to put it into a mini-album along with some of the pictures I took.I didn't realize that I was being green at the time...I just wanted to preserve as many memories as I could from that wonderful, life changing experience .

Since then, I've made it a point to save all of these things and use them in my pages. In fact, just last week we saw Jim Gaffigan Live at the Cobb Energy Center . They didn't allow photographs of the performance, so I scrapped my ticket and a picture from the program using the goodies from WIPs October kit.
Memories preserved and less waste to boot!
Try it!


jamie said...

not only is the mini adorable...but i'm jealous you saw jim g...
thanks for sharing!!!

Haberdawoman said...

What a wonderful idea.
The book is awesome.
Thanks for always sharing great, useful ideas.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

love the mini and so true about keeping the memory without pictures!

Rita said...

We so love Jim G around here....can't help but laugh during those hot pocket commercials! The minis are adorable too.

Jana Eubank said...

Great ideas, Colleen! I am sooo the same way on vacation! I get in my relaxed-and-too-lazy-to-go-get-the-camera mode. Bad, Jana! I just scrapped a postcard of a cruise ship we went on in April. There is no way I would've been able to get that cool of a picture of the boat! ;)

Laina Lamb said...

you work WOWs me everytime!
i'm working on a postcard project right now too.