Tuesday, September 23, 2008

where i create.

hi all!
it's emily here.
i always love seeing where other people create...so, today i thought i would post pictures of where i create!
i am so fortunate to have a little nook in the corner of our bedroom.
i love my space...it's very practical for me...and when the kids want to color or make their own pages :) they have a little table they can sit at as well!
so, here are some pictures of the space.
i got this wooden cake stand at a thrift store for like .20 cents!
i store all my odds and ends that i end up using a lot on there.

here it is again...along with some other thrift store finds...the yummy dishes that hold some miscellaneous items.
my punches are stored right above it on an IKEA kitchen bar rack...it's a perfect fit...and was super cheap!

i've recycled old baby food jars and used them to house my letters that i have lying around, or that have fallen off my letter sheets.
i store them alphabetically so, the first jar holds "A-D" and so on.

here's my pretty white basket that use to hold diapers, but now it holds all of my letter sheets, and/or rub-ons...pretty much anything i would put on a clip-it-up would go in here.
i'm too cheap to buy a clip-it-up.

here's a view of my tall desk and shelves.
everything pretty much is from either garage sales/thrift stores or IKEA.

love these bowls.
they warm my heart.

another view of my shelf with the baby food jars and also ribbon and flower jars.

my button vase!

a close-up shot of my pretty dishes.
i love these.

NOW, i want YOU to link me up to the place where you create. it can be a rolling tote and your kitchen table or some extravagant scrap room.
i just like to see it.
i'm going to pick a few people who's areas are inspiring (for whatever reason) and post those pictures and a link to those ladies blogs on THIS blog on friday!
so, link me up to your space...or go take pictures of your space and link me up.
and like i said, even if it's a rolling tote or an armoire that opens up...anything, we want to see it.
you don't need a huge, amazing space to create beautiful art.
have a fabulous tuesday!


momma_lizzie said...

I posted that back up after I got power from hurricane ike tearing everything down! But while we had no internet, I sat down and made my area SUPER pretty!!! I love it! There is LOTS of hello kitty and I plan on decking it out more with pink and purple and hello kitty!!

Trish said...

Beautiful and functional place, Em! I love the vintage stuff--I can totally picture you scrapping there!

Midnite Scrapper said...

Your space tells me that you don't need a lot of room to create fabulous things. I love all of your special dishes. So nice! I hope you can get into this link - it's my space and I love it.

Midnite Scrapper said...

Oh. Here is a better link. The other might need you to register to view it. =] Try this one...

Jana Eubank said...

Ooooo! I LOVE looking at scrap spaces. I LOVE the way you have displayed and organized all your things, Em! I LOVE pretty containers! :) That tall desk is just awesome! I've never seen that punch idea before! So cool! I may have to figure out a way to add that to my new room.

I will be moving soon, but here are some pictures of the scrap room I have now. I can't wait to see everyone else's space!


Erica Hettwer said...

Here's my little creative zone!



Laura said...

He Em! Most of my stuff is also from Ikea and garage sales. I love finding stuff and receiving hand me downs from friends and family. Thanks for sharing!!!


angela said...

i love your space, especially the way you store your punches! i have yet to find a good way to store mine, they are currently in a drawer. i don't have wall space, or i would totallly lift your idea! i love seeing creative spaces, and will take pics of mine to share too!