Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hey everyone, it's Amy! I want to talk about something that sometimes stresses me out when I'm scrapping. What's that, you ask? Embellishments!!! I totally have a love/hate relationship with them. I can usually get my layouts going, but when it comes to the embellishing, I sometimes struggle with what and how much. Since the layout or project I make just doesn't seem finished without the embellishments, I spend the majority of my time on picking my embellishments. Case in point, here is a layout that I started (it was for the Janelle's Sketch This! site) but it just didn't feel complete like this:

So I took it back to the drawing board, and ended up with this:

which I like much better. Here are a couple of my fav embellishers, other than the fabulous WIP designers:

Leslie Ashe
Alexis Hardy

And some of my favorite embellishments? I'd have to go with:

just to name a few. How bout you? Do you have a fav embellishment? Let me know what you love, I'm always looking for new ideas.


Nikki Love said...

buttons and flowers and chipboard, oh my!! I love um all :D

Ryzmomplus2 said...

great post Amy - I also love buttons, chipboard and all the fun journaling tags that are available today!

Laina Lamb said...

I am in love with epoxy stickers. I hoard them and really need to start using them!

Trish said...

For me, it is felt. Anything and everything.