Friday, October 10, 2008

a fun little challenge....

ok i haven't posted a sketch in what seems like
forever and a day. so i have a fun little sketch
for you today to maybe help get your mojo flowing.
so the challenge is to take this sketch utilize it
and make a FALL themed layout with it!
make sure you share your pages with us--- we wanna see!

here is the sketch

and here is how i used it.

now lets see what you can do!
happy scrappin'!


Alecia said...

SUPER cute sketch, may have to try this one, thanks!!

Ness said...

Very nice
scrapkiss by Paris

Alecia said...
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Alecia said...

Ok, I made a layout, but it's not really FALL themed, but I wanted to share anyway. Well, you could consider it "Fall" as in "Fall Asleep", LOL!!

Thanks for the fun sketch!!!