Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Only a few days until Halloween

And if you haven't finished with treats for the kids here's another idea.

I found these at Michael's and they were in a kit, but with all the little bags you can find these could easily be duplicated. The bags measure approx. 3 X 5

I just filled the bags with candy, wrapped the top of the bag with floral tape and then twisted a green pipe cleaner around.


pickmepam said...

how easy and how cute!
love it!

Jewel said...

What an adorable idea!

Sandy said...

Those are sooo cute!! I have to remember for next year, this years are done. Thanks for the idea!

momma_lizzie said...

oh em gee... those are ADORABLE!!!

Heather said...

Great minds think alike! I almost did the exact same thing but opted for the big paper mache cat instead. These are so cute :)