Tuesday, October 7, 2008

what's on your playlist?

hi ya'll...it's emily here.
i love music.
music moves me.
when i hear a good song, it takes all that is within me to not get up and shake...cry...shout...smile...whatever.
i thought i'd send you to some of my absolute favorite songs right now. songs that i can't get enough of...and then, please list some of yours in the comments section. pretty please. i love new music.
k, here ya go:
Coldplay-A Warning Sign
Phil Wickham-Yours Alone
Coldplay-Fix You
Blue October-Congratulations
and ones i don't have links for-
Flaming Lips-Do You Realize
Regina Spektor-Samson
Dido-Here With Me
Ben Folds-Late

all right, well that's all for now...like i said, tell me some of your favorite songs right now!
thanks...and happy music listening :)


Jen said...

In my car in my cd player I have Kate Voegele and I love the song Chicago (the whole Cd is wonderful) and I also like Rehab-Sitting at a bar those are 2 of the most played songs in my car right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily, do you like Noah and the Whale or Jose Gonzalez?

pickmepam said...

i love to listen to music, but rarely get up to move. one night i was watching music and lyrics in the basement and thought the music was pretty catchy. by the end of the movie i was totally jumping around in the basement. boy, was i glad the kids were all asleep. they would have wondered where their mother had gone!
right now i'm lovin' Duffy.