Friday, November 14, 2008


Hello friends! Laina here today. This is going to be a quick one since I still haven't packed for my weekend at the Bertram Inn. I am so excited to crop with friends old and new. I finally get to meet Tina! Horray! I'm a little nervous though...this will be the first time my mother has been to an overnight crop and I am afraid to see how much she has packed.

Today I wanted to let everyone know about my scanning service. Two years ago when I started looking online to learn more about the art of scrapbooking I discovered the galleries at TwoPeas. I loved pouring through the pages and seeing all the different styles. I wanted to join in the fun and share my work as well. At the time I only had a 8x11 scanner and had to learn how to "stitch" layouts together. It worked, but never that well and was quite time consuming. After some research, I purchased a large format scanner. Now I can scan my artwork in one fast easy step.

To recoup some of the cost of the scanner, I started scanning layouts for friends and family. Why is it a good idea to scan your pages:
1. Share your work with friends and family online
2. Great for blogs and heritage sites
3. Pages can be burned on Archival safe DVDs as a backup. (mine are kept in a fire safebox)
4. 12x12 Pages can be printed at 8x8 on a inkjet printer and made into gift albums
5. Add pages to Slideshows, DVDs, etc.
6. Make duplicate copies of pages for family members

If you would be interested in having your work scanned, please feel free to contact me.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Oh Laina I love this idea! and I can't wait to meet you today also!

Jana Eubank said...

:( :( :( I am soooo wishing I could be there with you gals. Stop rubbing it in, okay! ;) You better all be back with pictures and summaries. Have fun!

MAM said...

Trish and ladies you've been awarded over at