Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new years eve....

we here at WIP---hope all of you had a most wonderful year!
we hope you have a safe and joyus new years. have fun
ringing in 2009. anyone have any 'good luck' new years
traditions? if so share them with us. i for one would love
to hear them!

also i have a little sneaky peaky for you from the
january kit---have a look see:

be safe---have fun---happy new year!!!
see you in 2009!


Anonymous said...

We always go over to my mom and dad's for Black Eyed Peas. She uses the ham bone from Christmas Eve dinner and cooks the pot of beans all day. She makes all of us, even the baby, "eat at least one bite." She swears it's kept us all healthy, happy and together for the last 36 years!

Nikki Love said...

Happy New Year!!! Traditionally, we gather at one house and eat, drink, sing and all hug at midnight. With many of our family back in Mexico, we won't be having a gathering this year. Bummer:(

Damaris said...

Happy New Year my friend. Sending you some warm hugs from Miami. I wish you a ton of joy, health and success this year!