Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Storing Everyday Kitchen Items

I'll be the first to say that I'm not one who should be giving out organizational advice (I could use a professional assistant in my scrapbook room specifically). But there are a couple of little tricks I use in my kitchen that I'd like to share today...
This little basket is right next to my sink. Clean towels at my fingertips--and a fun way to display them. The basket is from Longaberger.
I bake something almost daily, so my rolling pins and spatulas have to be nearby. I got these old heavy crocks off of ebay a couple years back and I love them.

Please feel free to share your kitchen storage ideas--I'd love to hear them too!

Have a great day all!


Damaris said...

Love the idea with the pins and spatulas. (I love your's a home)! Can't wait for the summer so you can make me some stuffed cabbage...YUMMO!!!!

dbettyboop2008 said...

I use something similar..I use a carousel with different compartments that I can use for different spoons, spatulas, and even small knives. I believe I bought it through Pamper Chef. I know that I just absolutely love the way I can turn it and find exactly what I need.

pickmepam said...

i use a crock and a beautiful red glazed flower pot for my frequently used utensils. i also use my longaberger silverware server for pens, pencils, scissors, calc. and a pad of paper. when we have a party, i just dump it out and then i know it's time to go thru it. i also use a small longab. for crayons and one for markers. the kids can grab whatever basket they need and they look nice on my counter!

janet said...

Love the idea of the towels in the basket...and it looks so cute!!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

I love all your ideas :-) Your home is just gorgeous Trish! I cannot wait to visit you again one of these days... oh, check out my pics from my weekend trip to Mt. Dora :-) HUGS!!!!