Thursday, March 19, 2009

Answers to a few questions & a reminder.

Been fielding a few questions lately, so I thought I'd take a minute to answer a few here...

1. I shoot with a Canon DSLR and have for just over 4 years now. I use my 50mm 1.4 lens about 90% of the time and I highly recommend it to anyone who is within earshot. I do enjoy playing and learning about photography and am mostly inspired by Karen Russell and Tara Whitney. (I could do a post on this subject alone--but they are my two favs.)

2. I do edit my photos and enjoy playing around with it. I would highly recommend taking classes if you were so inclined to with Lynn Weber or Pattie Knox over at Get it Scrapped. I'd also recommend Jessica Sprague as well. I own a big photoshop program and rarely use it, however. I'm an old dog and use my hp editing software along with actions a lot. Huge fan of Picnik and too.

3. I can't remember the last time I used a flash. It really has been that long ago.

4. I'm the oldest of three girls (thanks for asking, Kim R.!!).

5. I do not have any local classes planned at the Waterbury Clubhouse, just upcoming crops. There are a few seats available for next Saturday, March 28th if you are interested. You can get more info here.

6. I am, however, still teaching classes at people's homes locally and am looking forward to a fun one this Sunday!! I have a feeling the Avon gals will be a fun group...

7. Karen R., your email made my week! Hope you find that perfect piece of furniture!!

8. No, I have not gone hybrid and I will post some layouts soon--I promise.

9. The first class over at Get is Scrapped was titled "Unconventional Garlands" and today's class is "Traditional Banners." Two more classes are set up for next week, and there is still plenty of time to join us. There is also a facebook group you can join for fun--be sure to say hello when you stop by!!

10. My favorite subjects to photograph are our kids, our extended family, flowers and food. In that order. Kind of crazy. My favorite photos are the imperfect ones that only a mother can love (like the one above. This photo is a new favorite because it captures their personalities perfectly right now and that is what I want to remember. Little Hooligans...) :)

And consider this post as your official yearly reminder to plant wheat grass in baskets right now so you will have the perfect arrangements for Easter. (If you plant too soon the grass tends to yellow, and if you go too late it isn't thick enough. Trust me.) You can read about my original post here. Let me know how it goes!! This is SOOOO worth the effort...

Thanks for the questions, and feel free to post more if you have any (or email me at Thanks!


Damaris said...

I LOVE THOSE HOOLIGANS!!! Miss you and them too!!!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

those kids are so darn cute! I need to get more picnik savvy... I love the wheat grass too! Gonna get some more planted for Easter!

jamie said...

oh my gosh! your post last year of the wheat grass is the first post i ever read on your blog...don't even remember now how i found it...but here recently i was thinking "where did i see a wheat grass post...i want to do it this year", and by God it's YOUR funny is that? and look where we are today? life is so funny.
your a joy to know, trish. thanks for everything.
now to go out and start that wheat grass.