Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my creative space

My Scrapbook room is not the kind you see in magazines. You won't find any beautifully painted drywall or natural sunlight in my space. What you will find is lots and lots of inexpensive storage and a room that is very functional for my needs.

My scrap space is in the corner of my basement and is otherwise know as the "Laundry Room". It's actually not so bad when you think about it. "Honey, I have to go down and do some more laundry." Sneak. Sneak!

I recently added a new desk. It was my Grandmother's desk at the Auto Club where she worked for over 19 years. The desk is maple and laminate, over 7 feet long and very retro cool.

This is actually the entry to my room. I made a little "craft" area for my boys since they are always down there with me. They love to paint and color while I work. Their latest thing is to have me cut things on my Cricut for them.

This little tiered shelf was for displaying magnets. I use it for all my journaling cards.

I am never afraid to take things out of trash dumpsters. This little display was found in a discard pile at a hospital gift shop. I plan on hanging little bags of embellishments from it when the hubby finally hangs it for me.

My basket of embroidery thread. I love things in ROYGBIV order.

My bank from 7th Grade. Makes me happy.

My sewing table. I love my machine. Love it.

Metal boards from IKEA. Cheap!

Old pop bottle case. Makes great storage for paint bottles.

Old wood display case. I put things I want to use and not forget about.

Lazy susan/Desk Organizers. Must haves for me. I like to have my tools handy.

I rescued this spinner from the GNC trash. It used to hold Mens' Health and Bodybuilding Magazines. Now it holds my scrappy mags. The smaller rack is new/old and empty for now. It was an old stand for flat packaged gift wrap.

My typewriter from 1920. It rocks.

Storage bins hold stickers, chipboard and rubons. My poor over-filled ClipItUp sits on top with my Curvy Cutter and glass mat. The entire bottom of my ClipItUp is filled with Thickers. Can you say addiction? I think I'll need a second one soon.

The divider wall/shelf that holds my Cricut (which needs to be used a lot more!) Baskets hold punches for easy access.

This cart holds all my tools and adhesive.

I put all my loose ribbons on Large safety pins sorted by color. A have a few extra pins for KI ribbons and Creative Cafe felt ribbons. The safety pins hang onto 3m clips mounted on the wall. When I crop I simply put the safety pins on a ring and they are ready to go.

A second storage tower that holds my stamping supplies.

Cool old mini file cabinet that holds my vintage stuff and charms.

Wooden cassette tape holder is perfect for my ink pads.

Plastic storage containers for brads and frequently used products like buttons and brads. Great for packing and going.

Sideways pen storage. I like these little drawers too but it is easy to forget what they have inside.

Old metal kitchen cabinet from my hubby's Grandmother's house. The entire family thought I was wacked when I asked for that from her estate.
The bottom is great for storage. The top has glass doors. I keep all my mini albums and things to be altered there so I can see them and not forget what I already have. The counter holds more of my punches and extra trimmers.

Pattern paper and cardstock storage. Ahh...

The little mouse who won't stay out of my space.

Some day it will have drywall, more lighting and maybe even some pergo flooring...but for now it works for me!
PS: For those of you who are local and visit me at Archiver's...please read this.


Paula Clare said...

Hi Laina,
WOW! What a space! I am SOooooo jealous of all your groovy storage! We sound alike in that I need to have supplies where I can SEE them (so I don't forget I have them) and I LOVE to have things organized in ROYGBIV order! TOO FUNNY! (I thought it was a unique psychological disorder, but apparently not! lol)

Your gramma's desk is the best...and the old file cabinet! I guess I need to get more proactive in my "obtaining" storage from dumpsters and such!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Mary Patterson-Ezzell said...

wowzers! you have an amazing scrappy area. i am lovin' all of your neat finds for organizing & yes, your old typewriter so totally rocks! thx for sharing your area &your ideas - now i want to go organize my goodies!! :) m-

Damaris said...

Love your space. It's not so much what makes others happy...it's what makes YOU happy and inspires you to create.

pickmepam said...

i love that you scrap in your basement! i have a spot in the basement(mostly sewing) and a desk in our loft(mostly scrap) i keep crammed with stuff.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I love your space Laina! I too have the basement scraproom, maybe one day it will have drywall? I got a lot of my storage from a store closing and antique shops.

Ady said...

Hey Laina, thanks for the star wars info. Definitely need some of it. Great space to create...

Jana Eubank said...

Awesome space, Laina! And congratulations on your "news"! Eeeeek! That's wonderful! Now when are you going to tell us who it is! ;)

Anonymous said...

You know, I can hang drywall, tape, mud & sand! I'm not crazy about painting though! We need to plan some "laundry" dates! hahaha---evilwoman

jamie said...

your amount of space rocks!!!! and you have some key pieces too, that's for sure. thanks so much for sharing....