Friday, April 24, 2009

mothers day, right around the corner!

hi ya'll, emily here!
can you believe it's almost time for mothers day?! being a mommy, i do always look forward to this day with the exception of having to figure out what to get my mom.
here are a few outstanding ideas i found on my favorite website, martha stewart!
decorating your gift box with photos...super cute.

making some handmade soap...what mom couldn't use soap?! all those grubby hands and faces we clean all day :)

this is my favorite...a jewelry box, all dolled up...with little boxes inside it. so charming and vintage.

you can never go wrong with a coupon book...
and what mom doesn't like flowers? add their favorite candy to that vase, and you have an instant hit! (well, you would with me anyways :) )

all these ideas were taken from under the "mothers day" gift section.
do you have any good ideas for mothers day?!
i'd love to hear them!


jamie said...

great post, emily. beautiful ideas.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

love all the ideas!