Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Springtime is a happy time

I love spring. Love it! The smell of the honeysuckle. The warmth of the sun. The birds chirping (although I could do without them chirping at 5am, Mr. Mockingbird). Irises and daffodils popping up. Azalea blossoms. Dogwood Festivals and lazy days in the park. The strawberries and the blackberries. Fresh blueberries.

Love Spring!!

Matter of fact, I just invented a new Spring salad. My dad has blackberry patches, so we picked fresh wild blackberries this weekend and now I have them coming out of my ears. In addition to the blackberry muffins, cupcakes, and cobbler I plan on making, I've been grabbing handfulls of them everytime I go into the kitchen (which is a lot...shhhh). This morning when I was making my lunch before running off to school, I decided to toss some in a salad. I'm sitting here munching on it right now and it is really good! Here's the recipe
365: may 12
Green Salad with Feta and Wild Blackberries
Serves 1

2 cups lettuce or salad greens
a handful of grape tomatoes
feta cheese, crumbled
sliced cucumber
a big handful of blackberries
fresh ground black pepper
oil and redwine vinegar to taste

I used oil and vinegar because I go into the kitchen a lot and now I'm back on Weight Watchers, but feel free to use whatever salad dressing you like. Enjoy!


P.S. If you are interested in the other blackberry recipes that I was talking about, check out my food blog Real Food. I will be posting some soon!

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Trish said...

Love the food blog, Colleen! I'll be back to check it out...Hugs!