Saturday, June 13, 2009

What ideas do you have for Father's Day?

Been trying to come up with something different for my husband for Father's Day. It's coming up quick, June 21st and we will be away on vacation so I need to plan now. It’s only a couple weeks away, and I know I’m always searching for that something special for my husband. Hi everyone its Tina here to share a few of my father’s day finds. I found this site and just think the possibilities are endless! Not only could you complete one of these for father’s day with 25 things you love about dad, but you could also save this one for many other special events.

You can make a Memory Box Calendar

Here is the gift my daughter made me for Mother's Day that would be a great Father's Day gift too.

check out this site to make your own personal motivational signs, and these sites have some fun things here and here.

Although I have to say I'm loving this bottle cap tripod for me or my daughter? (how fun is that!)

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