Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bottomless Mini Album

Hi Everyone! I have to tell you that I am in love with the WIP August kit. My husband and I travel a lot, and we love visiting new places and revisiting old places, so this kit is perfect for us.

One of the things that I've done with this kit is to create a mini album to showcase all of the places that we've visited, and will visit in the future. The neat thing about this kind of album is that you can keep adding to it, and these papers are so versatile, you easily add new ones from past WIP kits or future WIP kits to the album when your August kit runs out.

Here's what I did...
First I cut my papers to 4x6, mostly because that's the size that I print all of my photos. I'm not too worried about landscape or vertical photos, because that is just too much to worry about right now. The point is to showcase the photos and the memories.

Then, you want to decorate your cover. I just did something simple. Again, focus on those memories, the cover is just that...a cover.
snapshots mini
Punch holes through your papers with your crop-a-dile or a hole punch and get yourself a jump ring, or some chain, or a piece of ribbon to hold the album together. Now you are ready for photos!

I decided to focus on a favorite photo from each trip. Some of them are a fave of the trip, and some of them are just duplicates that I somehow printed twice. I tend to do that a lot, and this is a nice place to put those extra photos. A few things you can do with your photos are adhere them directly to the paper with a journaling card or simple label of place and time of visit.
snapshots mini
Or, you can do another little trick I learned. Adhere your photos together. I do this a lot, and it is a great way to add space to your minis. So, one page is just two photos, back to back, and then you have room to add a journaling card or whatever to the corresponding page.

So there ya go!
A fast and easy mini album that you can add to whenever you feel like it.



Trish said...

Love this concept, Colleen!! I think I know what to do with my leftovers from this past vacation!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

this is great Colleen and you know I love the mini books! this came out adorable!

Michelle*G said...

Very cute, simple idea! Love it!

em said...

Colleen! Totally cute!