Saturday, November 14, 2009

I like aqua.

I'm sure you have noticed that aqua, or "robin's egg blue" or whatever you would like it be called, has suddenly become the "it" color of the rainbow. And truly, I can't I have found I pretty much love it everywhere I've seen it! Here are some of my latest favorites when it comes to aqua.

(On a side note, many of these images from my my tumbler page. I can't take credit for finding the majority of them!)

Tell me...are you a fan?

(Big Leo Productions)


(lobster and swan)

(Curious Bird)

(petit collage)

(Martha Stewart for Macy's)



(hd connelly)

(Samantha Lamb)

And just a little fyi...I didn't forget about my mini that I owe you!
I just happen to be out of town right now and don't have the photos! Next post. Promise. ;)


Michelle*G said...

That's some fabulous inspiration for a lovely color!

Mindy said...

Oh yes! Aqua rates right up there with pink for me. I just painted my dining room aqua and dark brown and I already have a bathroom that color. I love it!

Paula Clare said...

Love, love, LOVE aqua! Red and aqua are my latest color combo...I decorated my little "canned ham" camper in the color combination and get RAVE reviews!

Anonymous said...

Love these photos, and yes, I'm a fan. I just bought a turtleneck that color this afternoon.

Jewel said...

I'm a BIG fan too! I am adding lots of aqua to my scrap space right now. I am on the hunt to find an aqua typewriter that doesn't cost a small fortune at a local flea market.