Tuesday, December 15, 2009

at home

As I surf around the web, it seems the theme is the same: people are keeping it simple and frugal for Christmas. Sometimes I think the word frugal gets a negative connotation, but in fact the definition includes that to be frugal, one is characterized by thrifitness and avoidance of waste as well as involving very little expense. I can totally live with that definition. And it's about what I have done in my home this season, all the while enjoying the challenge, and receiving a sense of calm knowing it's my creativity that has gone into my decorations for the season.

On the top of the piano, along with evergreen garland (found years ago on sale) is where our December Daily book sits. I incorperated this into our decor this year and so it is the centerpiece here in this collection of adornments. I love that it greets me every morning and reminds me to stay on task with that daily project.

This is an extremely simple ornament made using a heart wood piece from Michaels. It is covered with one of my favorite patterned papers, and topped with a vintage button. This is a great way to place favorite pattern paper in a place you are sure to admire every day. Plus, super frugal.

It does not get too much simpler than this. The bowl is a gift from my mother-in-law, and has a great vintagey look to it. The pinecones are those cinnamon scented ones...I carefully pack them away every year, and then bring them out for Christmas. I use clear glass containers through out the house to present this seasonal item.

Another handmade ornament, made this year. I traced a chipboard bird on another piece of chipboard (that way I could use it more than one time), covered it with digital paper that I downloaded and printed out. There is vintage twine tied from the bottom and a jenni bowlin ticket hung from it as well as a pearl. I did several variations of this ornament. Simple. Fun. Frugal.

I made these several years ago, but I think I am ready to give them a paper-lift. The letters are from Hobby-Lobby, and just covered in paper.

Ali Edwards had a tree last year with word cards that she purchased from Paper Source. Well, my default mode usually is asking myself if I can make it first. And of course I did. I used a font from 2peas and printed several words in red, printed them on vanilla cardstock, and then cut them to size. I also added an eyelet to the top in which to add the string.
I overheard some ladies sort of complain about how much work it is to get Christmas decorations up for such a short amount of time. My response to that is keep up those decorations that are wintry in theme for the month of January, and add snowflakes. For example, I keep up all the evergreen decorations, including many of my smaller trees. I have collected, or made, snowflake type embellisments and added those to the evergreen, in order to give it a wintry and snowy feel. This helps me not have that anti-climatic feel when all the Christmas trimming comes down at the end of the season, yet still have a festive feel during January, when it is cold outside.
However you choose to decorate this year, and next month, I just want to say, from my family to yours: Merry Christmas.


helena said...

Lovely start to my day reading your positive and inspiring post. I love that frugal has become acceptable, if not fashionable, again. Great idea to have the december daily as part of the decor and love your other decorations. have a lovely day.

Trish said...

I loved waking to this post, too!! Your ideas are not only inspirational, they are beautiful. Thanks for giving us a peek into your home, Jamie!! I love ya!!

borcherding said...

Hi Jamie. Love this post and all of your simple and wonderful ideas!! Thank you!!

Tambur said...

So funny. I just updated my blog with pictures of my Christmas decorations with the whole keeping it simple theme. I go to check up on yours and you have the same. Of course, yours is way better!

Merry Christmas.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

what great ideas Jamie! I remember those Ali Edwards cards and think I might need to make some myself this year!

alexandra s.m. said...

What a great post Jamie! Thank you everything looks fun and classy!