Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Confections

Saw this idea for confetti bags over at Martha. Not edible, but totally adorable!!
These incredible cookie pops from Amy Atlas are too cute!! You can find out more here...

And these countdown cookies from iambaker are irresistable!! I think I'm ripping this idea off for our New Year's Eve party, for sure...
Enjoy! And Happy New Year!!


Amanda said...

You cant rip them off!

You can HAVE it girl!! I love when people see something I made and then go forth and bake!!

That sounds pretty lame huh.


Be blessed!

pickmepam said...

absolutely adorable! i went to a friend's house and "one" of her holiday trees had a clock motif. she took plain ornaments and put clock faces on some of them. she'll love this!