Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Warm ears. Warm heart. :)

Yesterday was our first snow at my house! I might be a weirdo, but I *love* snow. I don't love shoveling, or icy roads, or scrapping off my windshield. But I do love the look of the snow. I also tend to love the "look" of winter, meaning scarves, boots, mittens, and most of all...hats!! I'm sure most of you know that I have a little girl. I have been having fun with lots of different hats for her. I'm admittedly a little hat obsessed!! I even made a layout with this month's kit featuring one of her hats that a friend of my grandmother's made!

Here are a couple of her other hats, as well as a some of my favorite Etsy sources for fantastic hats for babies and kids!

The apple hat...

The babyGap hat.

The fleecy hat...

Source: Cite Fuzz

Source: Bella Hats

Source: Portland Beanie Company

Source: deusprovidebit

Source: Naturally Crafty Shop

If you have a couple hours with nothing to do, just search "hat" on Etsy. It's pretty incredible. I know there are probably some of you out there who sew, knit, or crochet just as well as the people who have created these hats...any hats or hat sites that YOU would like you share??

Happy Winter! :)


pickmepam said...

okay, i want to have another baby just to dress him/her up in these adorable hats! they are just the cutest!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

OMG those hats are adorable!

Janelle said...

awwwww so sweet I love them all!

Terry said...

oh! thank you so much for including our little polka dot hat in your list of ADORABLE hats! they are all so sweet!

Anonymous said...