Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sew Inspired

  My first crafty love is scrapbooking, but sewing has become more intriguing to me as time goes on.  I think that the web has played a part in this.  There are so many crafty blogs and sites that offer tutorials on how to create some sewing projects in just a few steps.  I love me some free step by step directions to get me through a project - so here are a couple that I think you might like.

This one is actually a Pottery Barn Photo -- but here is where you can get directions to make your own -- love them!

And this quilt looks like a good starter one.

Here are the directions
And this table tent that has oh so many possibilities- so super cute!

Click here to get the directions.
and one last fun one from one of my favorite bloggers Vand Co.

She does really great tutorials.  Check her out here.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Michelle Lanning


jamie said...

those are all wonderful. especially the pillows! love those for sure!
thanks for sharing.

Trish said...

i've been busy sewing a lot, too!! Quilting was my first love, way before scrapbooking. Love that one shown here. Off to check out the links...TFS!