Thursday, April 8, 2010


My two uncles. By now you know their names.

I've been pouring through old photos all week, and sharing them on facebook with family members. It has spurred a lot of others to share their own family photos, too--old and new. What an unexpected, crazy-wonderful thing. The memories it has brought back. Feeling really sentimental and full. Feels wonderful.

My mother and father both come from ginormous immediate families. I'm blessed with a large brood, and I don't know any different. I've mentioned before that I have first cousins all over the planet--and we all do our best to try and stay connected, even though it is difficult at times. So blessed to have them all in my life.

This photo was a favorite that was shared this week. My mom is horrible at names. Not that she doesn't know them--she mistakenly calls people the wrong names all the time. (I do the exact same thing. I hate it, but it's true.) At a cook out at our house in 1980, two of her silly brothers got sick of it and made name tags and wore them all day. These two clowns were known for that kind of thing. Oh, the laughs we had.

Uncle Pat passed away 16 years ago. Lots of photos were lost during Katrina (his family resides in Louisiana), so sharing these has been especially meaningful to his two daughters and grand daughters now. How cool is that? And the best part? Other cousins and aunts and uncles are now jumping in on the fun and sharing. It feels like Christmas.

So my message for today is this: Share an old photo with someone you love today. Make it whatever you want--but just do it. If you're not on facebook, email someone you love and connect with them. I promise, you won't be sorry you did.


pickmepam said...

what a great story! i'm not so hot with names either. i usually try to think of someone famous with the same name.

jamie said...

that is a treasure of a story.
love your inspiration!

em said...

This is a great message. :)

Anonymous said...
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Damaris said...

Hi my have come up with a great idea. Thanks for sharing.