Monday, April 12, 2010

Today I am loving by...

Dark Cherry Mochas at Starbucks=Adddiction/Heaven. They have it in Frappaccino Light too.
Image of a dark cherry mocha
Old Navy Flip Flops. Ahh...the colors. If I didn't live in cold Cleveland, I would wear these every single day of my life.

Ombre Prints

Ombre Trend

Crystal Bowersox She brings me back to my hippie loving college days. She better win. :)
Crystal Bowersox in American Idol 2010, Season 9

Chewing gum. Seriously. I can't leave Target without buying at least 5 packs. I think they add new flavors every week. Sweet Cinnamon Stride is the best but I am also a huge fan of Orbit Mint Mojito.

I'm also addicted to Softlips vanilla. I never wear lipstick anymore. Too messy. I'm just not that kinda girl.
SoftlipsProduct.jpg image by couponcrazi

Stampin Up's new color palettes. Can you tell I love color?

Click to enlarge

Ridiculously cheap Martha Stewart punches at Tuesday Morning. I bought 6 of them for $2.99 a piece. Ok. Maybe seven...not as much as this lady though.

Have a great Monday! -Laina


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Oh I love your list and I'm off to Tuesday morning!!! And several of the other links you listed!

Molly said...

It ALWAYS makes us feel better when we see someone buy more than we do!!! LOL Love the softlips---have used it daily for years! Thanks for the heads up on TM--I really need to work more! Molly

pickmepam said...

holy cow bells! i haven't been to a tues. morn in years! now, when can i fit it in between school, play practices, track and boy scouts? drat!

jamie said...

new color pallette at s/u...have to wrap my head around crumb cake versus kraft...but i like the change.
thanks for all the eye candy, trish.

Trish said...

Great post, Laina!! Love all the eye candy!!