Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thank you, Mr. Buckosh It's a wonderful thing. Like googling your favorite teacher from high school.

This time last year, I was thinking about Mr. Buckosh, my high school English teacher. I loved him. I loved that he was funny and entertaining and that he liked teaching. He inspired me to become a teacher myself. He would offer insanely difficult challenges for extra credit--and everyone would dive on his offers because they were hard. He made Shakespeare interesting and understandable. His mantra in three words: "Life is not fair."

So last year I looked him up. To no surprise, he is now a superintendent of a local school system nearby. Oh yeah--you know the sap in me emailed him. And to my surprise, he emailed me back. A year later, I have it in my inbox, kept there to inspire me.

I hope you have felt the positive impact of a teacher some time in your life. I hope you find a moment to google and contact them--and tell them their work made a difference. It is not only a gift to them, but to yourself--as cheesy as it sounds.

It would be the perfect way to start off Teacher Appreciation Week, don't you think??


Damaris said...

Trish, you have inspired me to try to contact my teachers. I had some darn good ones...I was blessed.
Thanks for sharing.

Jewel said...

What a wonderful idea! I recently connected with my high school art teacher on facebook. He is so talented and he is still inspiring others by sharing his photography on fb.