Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Enjoy - A Closer Look

I am eagerly awaiting my September WIP kit. From the photos of the kit Trish posted, I am certain that it's going to be terrific fun to play with! In the meantime, I thought I'd share some details about my layout Enjoy from the August kit, which I realize is a kind of odd-looking layout.

The first thing you need to know is that I scrap 8 x 8, which means I couldn't use that awesome "enjoy life" diecut in its original state. So I cut it down and had to decide what to do with the two separate words. I periodically make a layout about things I'm liking or stuff that's on my mind, so the "enjoy" part was perfect for a page of this sort.

I've been on a mission lately to include old stuff from my stash on my layouts. I bought a TON of these metal bookplates when they were all the rage, and they've been gathering dust for a while, so I rescued one, and it was the perfect element to add a date to my title.
I was originally planning to use patterned paper for the inside of the e and add a picture of me elsewhere on my layout. As I was flipping through my photos, I found this I had this picture of me that had only partly printed just the top part of my face. I'm not sure why I saved it--I guess it was waiting for me to make this layout!
As I was building this page, I originally didn't have the ruffled strip at the top and that bottom strip, but it was looking kind of plain so I added those bits of patterned paper. Once I had added those, I thought the page looked sort of like a window, with the ledger paper resembling blinds, the ruffle at the top seeming like a valance, and the bottom strip acting as a windowsill, so I added a piece of twine to look like the cord that pulls the blinds.
Thank you for letting me share some inside information about my page. I always enjoy reading these kinds of details about other people's pages. So hopefully after reading this, my layout will appear more interesting to you than odd! :)


Danielle said...

Very pretty layout! And how clever to mimic the mini blind. It really does have that look.

Trish said...

I always find myself staring at your pages and looking at all the details. You make me want to attempt mists again after looking at this layout! (And that says a LOT!) Thanks for the cool post!