Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's Talk Titles

One of my biggest scrappy pet peeves is when I don't have enough letters to spell the title I want to make. There just never seem to be enough vowels, s's, r's, and t's. And I always end up with a bunch of q's, z's, and x's.

This happened to me when I was planning a layout for the September gallery. I had in mind a topic I wanted to scrap--I was going to journal about what it was like growing up in apartments--and had in mind the title "Apartment Life." Well, naturally, I was out of e's and didn't have enough t's. I stared at the remaining letters, willing my brain to think of an alternate title, but ended up frustrated.

That's when I turned to A2ZWordFinder. This nifty word generator, meant to help Scrabble fanatics, is the perfect solution for scrappers with leftover letters. I searched for a bunch of different word generators, but many of them limit the number of letters you can input. A2ZWordfinder doesn't seem to have a limit.

So in input my leftover letters and out came a gazillion words. "Boxy" was one of those words, and it turned out to be the perfect word and drove the angle of my journaling. I think this title is SO much more interesting than the one I had originally wanted to use. Here's my layout:

You might remember this image I shared in my July 24 blog post. I used it to inspire my layout.

I know there are other solutions to the dilemma of not having enough letters, like mixing up the title font, but the next time you're stuck with a handful of letters that don't match the title you have in mind, give the word generator a try. You might end up with a surprisingly perfect title!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

what a great idea! and I have so many sheets of misc letters!

Trish said...

GREAT post! I will totally check that one out! Thanks, Debbi!

BabyBokChoy said...

This is TOO TOO TOO good!! thank you SOSOSO much