Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Studio Share...

So, I thought I would jump on the band wagon & share some photos of my studio ;) Only thing is, my studio doesn't look the same as what you see in the photos. This pass summer, I had decided to downsize. And when I say downsize, I really meant downsize. I'm still in the same space, but the color has changed & I only have one large Expidit shelf holding the majority of my craft supplies. However, I thought it would be fun to share some before pictures now & then in the next month, or two, I'll share some after photos. Because honestly, I still have to get the crown molding up & add a few touches of personality back into my space.

My studio is nestled in our dining room, which is perfect, because I can watch my favorite shows on the big screen TV and cook dinner at the same time. The view in this photo is from the family room. I don't feel like I am out of my families daily lives if I have deadlines to complete either. As you can see, I also store my scrapbook albums on top of my shelves.

This is my worktable, which used to be our kitchen table we bought at Ikea years ago. I took it over because it is the right size for the room and for me to create. I like having it against the Expidit shelves, where I can easily grab supplies as I need them. I keep most of my design team supplies closest to my table since I tend to use them more. The red box bins store ribbon and American Crafts products. The two blue bins without lids is where I keep all my American Crafts Thickers and they are organized my color & type. I also keep a bin of color coded brads on top. Next to them is a basket filled with new products. When I receive product, I keep them in basket until I use them. If i store them else where they won't get used. I also have little jars filled with random embellishments, baskets filled with tapes and twine. My trusty sewing machine sits behind me on a TV stand.

Another view from the other side of my studio is where I have my computer set up and a big shelf filled with more supplies or random items like camera stuff, office supplies, etc. I bought this shelf to hold my two printers. I have a wide format Epson Stylus 1400 printer and the Epson Artisan 800 printer. Each one is used for many different purposes. I LOVE printing from home and in a variety of sizes. The two blue boxes stacked is where I store all my completed layouts. That is where they stay until I make time to put them in their scrapbook albums.

I recently painted my large bulletin board all white (the tan color was not working for me against the red walls). It's filled with inspiration, my kids drawings, cards from friends, little notes and yes, a baggie of floss...hehehe. The magnetic board next to it is loaded with photos. I actually have more photos that go on there, but at the moment they were being scanned to use on a future pages. My computer 24 inch monitor is mounted to the wall. It's perfect eye level and gives me more desk space.

I keep my Making Memories carousel packed full of tools. Each compartment is organized in a chaotic way, but I know where everything is and never have a hard time finding anything...unless my daughter gets a hold of them.

My other Expidit shelf stores baskets filled with an excessive amount of chipboard albums, larger chipboard shapes, lots & lots of stamps, my sons school paperwork from his 1st grade year. The bottom bins (you can barely see them) are used to store all my felt and fabric materials and items I purchase to alter some day. Usually, they sit on that basket until i pull them out to use.

This is where I store all my punches and above them I have jars filled with lots of random supplies, such as, smaller chipboard embellishments, buttons, flowers, floss, etc. I like to dig for things, like going on a treasure hunt until you find the prize.

All the bins and shelving on top of my Expidit shelves were bought from Target. I color code many of my embellishments in the bins and have labeled them. This makes life really easy when you are looking for specific embellishments in a certain color. I also store all my pattern paper in alphabetical order by manufacturer and cardstock by color. The other drawer bins are organized for other specific products; ink supplies, stamping tools, Jenni Bowlin products, holiday embellishments & two bins are filled with nothing but brads, fasteners & clips. Below the Target shelves, one of my cubby's hold a mix of adhesives and mists, paint brushes & a basket filled with older products, such as, rub-ons, stickers, etc.

That is pretty much it. As you can see, I have a LOT of stuff. It is quite overwhelming at times, which is why I had to downsize. I had to be realistic and only keep things I felt I would use & share with my friends, donate or even sell the rest of my supplies. So check back in a month, or two & I'll have new studio pics to share.

Cheers :)


jamie said...

love it all!
very inspiring space.
might be lifting some of those ideas.
thanks, cindy!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I totally love your room! Such a great source of organization inspiration!

Trish said...

WOW. Serious organizational envy, Cindy! Thanks for sharing--it is beautiful!!

Debbi Tehrani said...

What an awesome space, Cindy! I love that I can now picture you in there creating!