Friday, February 25, 2011

Alter Your T-Shirt with Shimmerz Coloringz

Every summer, I find myself buying all kinds of fun t-shirts with lots of awesome graphic designs.  Last summer, I had this idea of altering white t-shirts with mist.  While it was not a groundbreaking new idea, I was relieved that it went smoothly when I finally executed the idea successfully "on camera."  I used the new Shimmerz products that you can find here, but Maya mists would work equally well.

So here is my video! 


Trish said...

Jing-Jing, I LOVE LOVE this! And an Earth Day project is perfect! One question--do you need to heat-set it? Thanks so much--great tutorial!

Nancy Damiano said...

Love the tee idea and your little girl is precious!

deana said...

No yoking around here...that was the most informative & creative tutorial i've seen in years! Thank you, JJ! You rock, girl!