Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inspired by Color

It's Springtime & I am always fascinated by fun, pretty bright colors. This season is the time of year I get a full dose of inspiration when it comes to decorating my home or even redoing a room. I wanted to share some colorific images from my ever growing obsession, Pinerest account, where I am always finding inspiration.

stitched jewelry

Can you tell what my all time favorite color is? hehehe Yes, I love love LOVE Turquoise; especially paired with yellows, oranges & reds...oh & gray's, too. It's such a vibrant & beautiful color. There is plenty of it hanging around in our my home, that's for sure.

Well, it's Spring break for my kiddos...10 long heavenly days of doing things other than the norm. I'm hoping to embrace it as much as possible! So, I hope you have a wonderful weekend & enjoy all the beauty & color surrounding you :)



Debbi Tehrani said...

Such a beautiful collection of images, Cindy!

Trish said...