Thursday, April 28, 2011

More than you probably wanted to know about me...

I saw this on Kristina Proffitt's blog (love her!) and lifted the idea. Tidbits about me, in case you didn't know...

Food: I LOVE brisket and beef tenderloin. Luckily, I learned how to cook both!
Color: I love red. It is scattered throughout our home everywhere. I'm also a big fan of that powder blue lately.
Animals: We have a pet turtle named Dennis who is nocturnal and sometimes keeps us up at night (rearranging the large rocks in his habitat). We also have 18 fish in our pond. Six are babies!
Dessert: I'm not a fan of pastry or bakery really. I do love ice cream, however.
Artist: I have a pretty eclectic playlist. I have always loved Sting. Lately, I can't stop listening to Adele's new CD--21. LOVE it. Enjoying the new Foo Fighters one, too. I listen to a lot of Pink, Katy Perry, and Mumford & Sons lately as well. I could go on. I blame my friend Amy for my iTunes addiction.
Pair of shoes: I prefer going barefoot! But if I had to pick, anything that slides on and off easily.
Outfit: My favorite jeans, white t-shirt, cardigan and cute shoes.
Skinny jeans: Never owned a pair and never will.
Brand: Target. I could live there. I also adore Costco.
Perfume: Happy by Clinique. I've worn it for years, and it is heavenly.
Accessory: The heart necklace my hubby bought me on my first Mother's Day. I love it.
City: I live in a western suburb of Cleveland called N. Ridgeville. It is a booming metropolis. Okay, maybe not...
Hobbies: Photography, Scrapbooking, Gardening and Landscape Design.
Beauty Products: Clinique make up and perfume
Holiday: Christmas. But Halloween is a close second.
Snack: Snyder's Ranch Pretzel Bits. My youngest son and I hoard them from the rest of the family. Is that a bad thing?
Movie: The Way We Were. Anything with a bittersweet ending brings me to my knees. I love them. The way Barbra brushes his bangs away from his face in the end, when he asks about their daughter...((sigh!))...
Song: The last one I heard on the radio.
Guilty Pleasure: Diet coke. If I could have it hooked up in an IV form, I would. I seriously need to curb my addiction. I think my family is considering an intervention at this point.

Seven things you may or may not know about me...
1. My first job was @ Ponderosa. Everyone should work in the food industry sometime in their life. Worst. Job. Ever.

2. I'm a germaphobe. I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go and cringe when I have to use a public restroom.

3. I am not ticklish. This drives my family nuts. I'm just not! Tee hee!

4. I hate it when I hear people use the word, "retard," especially when referring to other people as slang. I usually correct people when I hear it. It is my biggest pet peeve.

5. I pray a lot and consider myself very spiritual. But I'm not a big fan of organized religion and I struggle with that a lot.

6. When I'm upset, I either clean or eat.

7. I check in on my parents every single day. They live a mile from me and are both home-bound, so they depend on me for a lot of daily living things. I am blessed beyond measure to help them out, and to work from home. So, thank YOU for enabling me to do just that.

There are SO many blogs that I read and love so I won't call just anyone out, but if you read this and want to participate in it - just fill out the above on your blog and send me a link! I'd love to learn a bit more about YOU, too! Design team--spill it! :)


BabyBokChoy said...

uh, oh, i've been ordered to spill, lol...
LOVE LOVE LOVE reading this about you Trish, that photo is so so so fun!! LOVE your hair!!!!!
I live 1 mile away from Target #0001, yeah baby, where it all got started!!!!!

borcherding said...

OMG! This list...LOVE IT!! And I have ALWAYS ALWAYS told my children the SAME thing about working in the food industry. LOL!! We have a lot of similarities and I know we'd be the best of buddies! I will try and do this very soon. Thank you Trish!

Melanie said...

Love learning more about you. You seem so down-to-earth. My list would look really similar to yours.

A dear friend of mine used to live in N. Ridgeville--we visited there once. Beautiful area! But she is in Chicago now.

Have a great day!

borcherding said...

me again..i don't blog but i still have you go:

Debbi Tehrani said...

Oh, how fun learning all these things about you, Trish.

And thanks for giving me an easy assignment for tomorrow's blog post!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the fun inspiration! I decided to give it a shot on my blog as well!

jamie said...

here's mine.
this was fun.
let's do it again!