Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Pinterest Enabling...

Today, I wanted to share links to a few of my favorite Pinterest Boards. If you scroll over them and click, you can "follow" these folks as well...

I love Virginia Tillery's "For the Kiddos" board. Fun and creative ideas, for sure!

Juliann Marchant's "C is for Cookie" board is awesome.

Wendy Anderson's Gift Ideas board has me wanting to start yet another project...or two...

Danielle Thompson's Craft Ideas board is seriously inspiring. The magnet idea--HELLO!
Mary Beth Burrell's "Cause I FELT like it" is a board devoted completely to felt. Man, I love this one!

I found this quote here. Kim Berry has an awesome Words Board!

Feel free to share any of your favorites, too! I love to find new folks to follow!

Enjoy your day!


pickmepam said...

holy cow bells! so much to look at!

jamie said...

you know, pinterest is all your fault. you made me go and look. you made me sign up. you made me spend my 'free' time there. i need someone to blame. and your it!

Valerie said...

First .......lemon cookies. Now these quotes? I just may have to plant a big kiss on you!

CathyB said...

Can you give me an invitation to join? Thanks,

Thanks! I loved looking at it all!