Friday, June 24, 2011

How about a (n)ice, cold, refreshing treat?

I saw this at The Idea Room when I was blog hopping:

The recipe comes from the Women's Day website.

I so want to make this! I'm thinking 4th of July!

Speaking of summery, refreshing drinks, here's a recipe for a diet "mojito" I found on the South Beach Diet site, and I've made it a gazillion times, and it's immensely delicious--even prompted me to buy a mint plant. I'll give you directions for how I make it, but you can find the South Beach recipe here.

Add the following to the Magic Bullet and turn it on until the ice is crushed:

■Fresh mint
■1 lime
■1 package sugar substitute
■Crushed ice
■1 bottle of sugar-free lemon-lime soda

Easy-peasy and so, so yummy!


Aphra said...

Oh gosh it's too pretty to drink. Lovely photo! And thanks for the diet mojito recipe . . . now I just need a Magic Bullet. LOL

Trish said...

I just got a bunch of mint yesterday! How perfect is this?

jamie said...

ooohhh! love the mojito recipe. right up my alley. will need to try.
thanks for sharing.